How To Design CTA’s That Drive Clicks

If you’ve got a website, you know that a call-to-action (CTA) is designed to get attention. CTAs are among the many website ideas that businesses regularly use to increase their revenue and customer base. When a CTA is paired with a compelling offer, you can persuade people to act.

The Importance of the CTA
For this reason alone, a CTA’s success is based on how it is designed. Lousy design and lack of forethought can actually drive potential customers away. On the other hand, a persuasive CTA that excites your audience can reach exponentially more customers and reach those who are on the fence. In this article, we will look at a number of aspects related to optimally-performing CTAs with such website ideas as:

• Aligning Your Tone with Your Industry
• Integrating the CTA with your Telecom Service
• Being Compelling

Align Your Tone with Your Industry
CTAs should never present a jarring experience. Think of a well-crafted CTA as escalating a conversation with your audience as they view your webpages. In a how-to blog for building a Raspberry Pi-based device, for example, you can prompt the reader periodically to purchase the products as you guide them through the process. This gives your readers the impression that you’re helping them along.

As another example, if you run a floral business for funeral parlors, you want a more gentle tone for your CTA. Ensure it is measured and serene. By contrast, would you want to purchase an arrangement of flowers for a deceased loved one next to a flashing button or “corporate speak?” That would seem highly inappropriate.

Integrating the CTA with your Telecom Service

Another important aspect of CTA’s is actually connecting the digital world to the real world. Many customers prefer to do business over the phone – especially for large purchases or recurring services. Some telecom service providers, like Global Call Forwarding, enable a virtual phone number to pair with a one-click CTA button. In the case of Global Call Forwarding, this service is known as “CallMe Click.”

Global Call Forwarding and other telecom service providers can make your CTAs drive traffic and ease the process of getting from website –> call –> sale. This is a powerful concept that many advertisers miss the opportunity to enable. Then again, suppose that you acted as an intermediary for luxury charter jet services at a busy airport. As a customer, would you feel comfortable that your reservation was taken care of and your specific requests were adhered to? Bridging this gap is a significant step in crafting an optimal CTA.

Make Sure Your Info is Compelling
CTAs function as the tipping point between customers deciding to bounce to another webpage and convert to sale. When customers browse your online presence, a CTA function makes a passive experience turn into an active one. And the best way to arouse a person’s interest is to use compelling elements. This can include some of the following examples:

• Getting readers to click on a link to learn more information while proceeding down a sales funnel. If the information you provide is valuable and useful to the reader, the customer will want to proceed where you lead them.
• Use the active voice for your copy. Studies have shown that the active voice simply works better on our subconscious thoughts and causes readers to take action. After all, there is a big difference between “You could buy this surfboard when you like” versus “Buy this surfboard now!”
• Formatting a page that requires an action to enable a service. As an example, many newspapers are restricting their online content to only a few views per month. Once a user’s views reach the limit, a pop-up appears to that shows the viewer how to proceed (i.e. signup for a subscription service, disable an ad-blocker for advertisers, etc.
• Use visual cues that redirect a reader’s attention. For instance, many companies use website design elements like pop-ups and interactive buttons that create a user-experience. Pay attention to colors and shapes – unless you intend to jar the viewer, keep your CTA well-designed. (Bear in mind, using a blinking advertisement will most likely dissuade most users. It’s just downright annoying!)

Now that you’re aware of which website ideas make for well-crafted CTAs, experiment and see what works. Every website is unique and requires a different approach. However, by trying what you’ve learned in this article, you can become immediately more successful.

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