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How to Choose Between Mac and Windows

When computer operating systems were coming of age in the 1990’s, it was clear that only a few systems would survive the test of time and become adopted by the masses. It was not easy to see which option would appeal most people back then but as time went by, more and more people gravitated towards Windows and Mac. Windows received the overwhelming number of users by the early 2000’s even though Mac never really lost its share of committed users. In 2018, Mac and Windows are the two systems that are most widely used particularly in business and the professional world. If you are a user of either or you are new to the computing realm and you are wondering what system is best for you, then this article is perfect for you. We will look at the two systems, what distinguishes each, and where they each perform best.

The Issues To Consider When Choosing An OS

Before delving into the details of what operating system is best, we must first recognize the pertinent issues that pertain to hardware systems out there. The issues you must consider when choosing an OS are:

  • The kind of system or machine you intend to use
  • Your occupation
  • The period of time you intend to use the system

In terms of the machine you intend to use, you should know that both Mac OS and Windows are primarily designed for desktop users. This implies that users of laptops, MacBooks, Macs and desktop computers are most likely to use the two operating systems.

Secondly, the work you do will also determine the system you choose. Forex and stock traders are for instance more likely to use Windows because the platform provides much more extensive support for forex trading. Windows is in fact specifically recommended for trading. Mac, on the other hand, is better for the single-user experience as it is designed with personal use in mind.

Finally, the length of time you intend to use the OS is also important. If you are just trying out the systems to see how they handle different operations, then either of the systems is fine.

Mac Vs Windows

Now that we have laid the background, let us look at the two systems side by side as analyzed via different metrics. We will look at the flexibility, security, and overall user experience.

1. Flexibility

Flexibility is where Windows trumps Mac without much effort. Windows is designed for masses and thus takes into account every kind of user. You can be able to use Windows with virtually any system that has a decent memory and basic specifications. The key issue that makes Windows the core system for most people is the fact that you can upgrade your machine pretty easily. Mac is known as one of the most unfriendly systems when it comes to simple things like RAM and storage upgrade. This makes it quite rigid and incapable of keeping up with evolving system demands.

2. Security

Security-wise though, Mac is unquestionably far better at keeping threats at bay. Locking the system definitely has security advantages and this is what most users appreciate about Mac systems. It is almost impossible to penetrate the Mac ecosystem which is centrally regulated and whose security features are much more specific. The Windows OS is not particularly insecure but users are more exposed to risks. This is because the OS platform is open to all hardware and software manufacturers.

3. Overall User Experience

Finally, the overall user experience is a vital factor to consider when choosing the OS. Mac is known for its commitment to giving users updates until the hardware is practically unusable. This is not the case with Windows. Since there are many hardware manufacturers for Windows systems, it becomes impossible for Windows to give users system updates if the manufacturer does not make the effort. The long-run user experience of a Windows machine is thus affected. In terms of daily usage though, the experience of both systems is comparable especially because modern hardware is almost the same regardless of the OS in use.


In summary, Mac is purposefully designed to address the needs of personal computer use. This is why the focus is more on things like security rather than functionality. Windows though is more generic and perfect for business, personal use and overall functionality. Both systems are however improving on the areas where they are weak and they might match up to each other in the near future.

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