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How do I get Bluetooth in my Vehicle?

Bluetooth technology permits you to pair 2 different gadgets so that they communicate wirelessly. By connecting your mobile with your vehicle stereo, for instance, you can do things like stream music, make hand free calls, and see incoming call info on your vehicle’s display. You’ve many options available for including Bluetooth to your vehicle: installing an aftermarket stereo with Bluetooth wireless tech, installing Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter adapter, or including a kit of universal Bluetooth.


  • Install an Aftermarket Stereo with Bluetooth Technology


Changing your fixed stereo with aftermarket stereo which features built-in Bluetooth is a single way to add Bluetooth to your vehicle. A wireless stereo can provide you options that might not be available on your fixed stereos, such as built-in USB ports, A DVD player, Sirius-XM capability, GPS and range of audio inputs. Plus, picking a stereo with built-in the wireless connection you would not need to find a place to hide a separate adapter or kit.

With this, you can stream songs for your cell phone via the vehicle’s speakers and attach your cell phone to your stereo for hand-free phone calls and other mobile features. Changing your built-in factory stereo with an aftermarket stereo will need some experience about installing vehicle audio product. You might wish to think to have Greek Squad install your new and advance stereo in order to ensure all is hooked up and working perfectly.


  • Install a Bluetooth Adapter


An adapter permits you to include  Bluetooth to your existing factory stereo. You can make phone calls and view your call details on your stereo screen. Some variants also let you stream songs from your cell phone.  You can pick from your universal adapter piece made to fit most cars, or car specific adapter made to be compatible with your built-in stereo.

Installation needs attaching the adapter to the wiring on your existing stereo. An outer microphone links to your stereo input and can be clipped to your sun screen or mounted on the dash. Inserting a Bluetooth adapter is a fine choice if you wish to remain the existing stereo system in your vehicle.


  • Add a Universal Bluetooth Kit


If you just need a Bluetooth gadget for hands-free phone calls, a standalone Car Bluetooth universal kit is an affordable choice. It comes with a little built-in speaker as well as a microphone that link to your sun screen. Since a Bluetooth Universal kit does not attach to your vehicle’s stereo, there is no installation required, and you can simply move it to one more car. Though, streaming songs to your stereo through Bluetooth is not avail with this option.


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