Xiaomi Mi Electric Kettle Made of Stainless Steel at $29.99

Recently Xiaomi’s well-known sub-brand that usually comes with Xiaomi Mi Home chain products announced a new model named the Xiaomi Mi Electric Kettle. This is the improved variant of the first model launched last year. Although the first one is still very popular. The new water kettle should outrun its predecessor due to a list of improvements concerning the design as well as the functions. Say, it comes with a constant temperature insulation capacity, while its predecessor uses a mechanical control key to boil the water. Well, we’ll recall its key features below. As for now, the Xiaomi Mi Electric Kettle is available at $29.99.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Kettle

In terms of design, the Xiaomi Mi Electric Kettle continues the all-in-one look familiar to Mi fans from the previous model. The kettle uses a 304 stainless steel as the main material. There are no seams. That’s why it looks so amazing. Moreover, this is the best design in terms of easy cleaning. Plus, it is more conducive to maintain water quality and safety.

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The kettle’s pot mouth is at 130mm, and the lid can be opened at up to 75 degrees. Thus, we have another fact for easier cleaning. But this is a Xiaomi product, which means there should be one trick, at least. Once the water is boiled, press the key and the lid will slowly open at 30 degrees not to splash out the hot water.

The same stainless steel material is used for the inner side. There is also a hollow insulation layer inside the kettle. So, even if the water is boiled at 100 degrees, outside of the kettle will be at 40 degrees temperature only. This Xiaomi Mi Electric Kettle uses a British STRIX thermostat for a precise temperature control. At the same time, it provides a usage of 10.000 times.


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