Honor Magic 2 Review: Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 Killer

Honor’s Magic series is young. The first model from this line was announced on December 16, 2016. It amazed customers by the Magic Live Smart System and the Magic Power. Today, the second-gen Honor Magic 2 was announced with even more outstanding technology. But this is not only a matter of design. There is a lot of black technology.

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Honor Magic 2 Appearance

The Honor Magic 2 is not only advanced in technology but also full of personality. This personality comes from the unforgettable ‘Magic Slide’.

Honor Magic 2

In order to achieve the perfect full-screen effect on the front side, the Honor Magic 2 basically removed all the sensors from the front panel including the front camera. The final result is a 1.8mm border, a 2.9mm top border (actually as narrow as the left and right borders), a 3.95mm bottom border, and a full-screen with no bangs.

The 91.5% screen ratio not only brings visual impact, but also makes the Honor Magic 2 plug into a 6.39-inch AMOLED display with a reasonable body size. It is worth mentioning that there is an in-screen optical fingerprint sensor under this display.

Honor Magic 2

After enjoying the beauty of the bangs, we can see the hidden sensors by tapping the screen down. Slide out from the bottom, the hidden forehead will be lined with a 2MP infrared image sensor, a dot matrix projector, a 16MP front-mounted main camera, and another 2MP infrared lens. These sensors form the 3D bio sensing system of the Honor Magic 2, which can be used to unlock phone, make mobile payments, and more.

Honor Magic 2

In order to provide an addictive, reliable and elegant sliding screen design, the Honor Magic 2 uses a unique mechanical structure called the ‘butterfly five-track sliding screen structure’. The four-slide rails are divided into two groups. Each nested with a micro-assisted slide rail. The Magic Slide provides a comfortable feel, reliable strength, and durability.

Honor Magic 2 Honor Magic 2 Honor Magic 2

Honor Magic 2 Performance

Many of the advanced technologies of Honor Magic 2 require strong basic hardware as a backing. Honor directly chose the latest flagship chipset of Kirin 980, the world’s fastest 6GB/8GB LPDDR4X memory, and 128GB/256GB/512GB native storage.

Honor Magic 2

The Kirin 980 is not only the world’s first 7nm chipset, and uses the first Cortex-A76-based CPU, but also the first Mali-G76 GPU. The CPU performance of the Kirin 980 is 75% higher than that of the 970, and the energy efficiency is 58% higher than that of the Kirin 970. The GPU performance is 177% higher than the 970. The most intuitive performance of these enhancements is stronger performance (games), lower fever, and longer battery life.

Continuing the previous NPU strategy of the Kirin 970, the Kirin 980 is equipped with two NPUs. The NPU is a processing unit that specializes in AI operations, making the phone smarter and enhancing image processing capabilities. With the NPU, the phone is more power efficient when dealing with AI tasks, which is critical for the Honor Magic 2.

In addition, the Kirin 980 has a more powerful modem and a new dual ISP (image signal processor). The modem brings a faster, more stable, lower latency LTE and Wi-Fi networks. The ISP is responsible for taking pictures, and the ISP not only has a direct impact on the imaging effect but also reduces camera power consumption and recording delay.

In daily use, the Honor Magic 2 is expected to provide a smooth performance for all kinds of tasks, be it a heavy game or a large app. To know this for sure, we tested the phone by playing the Honor of King and PUBG and recoding the corresponding data.

Honor Magic 2

It is not difficult to see from the data that in the case of adjusting all the picture quality to the highest, the Honor Magic 2 can fully maintain the full frame in the Honor of Kings and PUBG. The frame number stability is 100%. We played these games for 90 minutes, and we have to say the temperature control is at the highest level. But we should note this is not only the merit of the Kirin 980 but also the graphene heat dissipation technology.

Honor Magic 2 Honor Magic 2

Honor Magic 2 Software

There are many scenes that can embody AI computing power, such as object recognition. The Honor Magic 2 can quickly and accurately identify and give the object’s (apple) quality and calorie estimated in the viewfinder. In addition, it can also identify pets/flowers, car models, and celebrity stars. This is another good use of Kirin 980’s powerful image recognition capabilities.

Honor Magic 2

The Honor Magic 2 runs on Magic UI 2.0 smart system based on Android 9.0. The soul of the system is the YOYO AI assistant, which is considered to be the best embodiment of the powerful AI capability of the whole phone.

YOYO’s IQ is 4556. It is the smartest smartphone AI. It provides users with a smarter and more convenient experience than traditional voice assistants through computer vision, natural semantic understanding, deep learning, decision-making system, recommendation system, and other capabilities.

YOYO will remember and learn the user’s biometrics (fingerprints, voiceprints, faces, etc.), usage habits, life routines, etc., to lay a solid foundation for intimate service. In addition to traditional life service information reminders (trips, weather, etc.), YOYO can also help users manage their health, provide beauty advice, shopping guides, and translation services.

Honor Magic 2

For faster growth, Honor will open YOYO’s AI platform to more than 450,000 developers, and continue to evolve in 4000+ services to provide a better experience.

Honor Magic 2 Battery

In front of the butterfly five-track sliding screen and the YOYO, the 40W super-fast charge may not be so outstanding, but its practicality is not bad. In the charging test, the Honor Magic 2 was charged to 30% in 10 minutes, 80% in half an hour. The phone also passed the TÜV Rheinland Safety Certification 2.0. So the charging safety can be assured. The excellent temperature control during charging also reflects this.

Honor Magic 2

In terms of battery life, thanks to the optimization of the Magic UI 2.0 smart system and the 7nm Kirin 980, the 3500mAh battery gave the Honor Magic 2a top score in the 3-hour battery test.

Honor Magic 2

Before the test, we fixed the screen brightness of the smartphone at 50%, the volume of the inserted headphones was adjusted to 50%, connected to Wi-Fi without a SIM card, the positioning service was turned on and set to the most accurate, the background program was cleared.

Honor Magic 2

Once the test started, we used the phone for 3 hours without interruption. During this period, the phone experienced 1 hour of 1080P video playback, 30 minutes of surfing the net, 30 minutes of calling, 30 minutes of playing the highest quality Honor of Kings and 30 minutes of the highest quality PUBG.

As shown in the figure, the remaining battery power consumption is reduced from 100% to 66%. At the same time, the video playback consumed 8%, the net surfing consumed 4%, the calling took 5%, the Honor of Kings took 8%, and the PUBG consumed 9% of electricity.

The test data is comparable to those of the top-of-the-line (1.5 to 2 days) smartphones. So it is expected that the Honor Magic 2 will also reach 1.5 to 2 days of battery life. Even if it is a heavy user, it will be fine for 1 day.

Honor Magic 2 Camera

The Honor Magic 2 is equipped with 16MP + 2MP infrared + 2MP infrared three front lenses, and 24MP black and white lens (F1.8) + 16MP color lens (F1.8) + 16MP wide angle (F2.2) rear three sensors. In addition to the expected handheld night scene, AI scene recognition, portrait light effects, fun AR and other camera modes, the phone deliberately added a 16MP super wide-angle lens in the back. The 117-degree super wide-angle framing effect not only allows more objects to be contained in the photo but also brings a unique wide-angle visual effect, which is the biggest highlight of this camera.

Honor Magic 2

There are two ways to open a wide angle. First, if the phone automatically recognizes the photo, it may use a wide angle, and a wide-angle mode button for clicking can appear at the bottom of the screen. The second is to directly adjust the zoom to 0.6 times, and manually turn on the wide angle at any time.

Honor Magic 2 Honor Magic 2 Honor Magic 2 Honor Magic 2 Honor Magic 2 Honor Magic 2 Honor Magic 2 Honor Magic 2 Honor Magic 2 Honor Magic 2

Wide Angle

Honor Magic 2

Honor Magic 2 Connectivity

In addition to the most eye-catching features mentioned above, the Honor Magic 2 incorporates breakthrough technology in all aspects. For example, it supports a dual-card VoLTE data call concurrency technology, 1.7Gps Wi-Fi download speed, and AI dual-band smart navigation. It is worth mentioning that the main black technology of this model is developed independently.

Honor Magic 2

The dual-card VoLTE data call concurrency technology allows the Honor Magic 2 to use the No.2 SIM card VoLTE HD to communicate with the No. 2 SIM card 4G. For example, when playing games online, you can use the 4G network to play games and making HD calls. In addition, when using the No.1 SIM card to make a high-definition call, you can also answer the incoming call of the No.2 SIM card, and do not miss the call.

The AI dual-band smart navigation greatly improves the accuracy, immediacy and ease of use of navigation, providing users with one of the best navigation experiences on smartphones.

Personalized technology

The Honor Magic 2 sports a Kirin 980, YOYO AI assistant, Magic UI 2.0 smart system, 3D bionic sensation, screen optical fingerprint, 40W safe fast charge, super wide-angle AI triple-camera, dual-card VoLTE data call concurrency, 1.7Gps Wi-Fi download speed, and AI dual-band smart navigation technology. So we should state the initially thought selling point of the sliding screen is put to the background. The Honor Magic 2 is an excellent in all aspects. And not in vain, it’s considered to be the Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 killer.


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