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As smartphones continue to improve the body’s lightweight and waterproof requirements, more and more flagship phones are cancelling headphone holes. In addition, consumers prefer unfettered and freer use of the experience, so the demand for wireless headphones is growing. Honor Flypods and Flypods Pro have been launched, with bone pattern recognition, new voice interaction, intimate swan neck design, fashion appearance, colorful color matching and many other innovations, has won the unanimous recognition of the vast number of media and consumer fans.

December 27, 2018, Honor in Beijing officially released the “Carry-on music capsule” Honor Flypods youth edition of the wireless Bluetooth headset. Honor Flypods Youth Edition provides Phantom Night Black, Lily of the Valley White, Robin Blue three colors and more surprisingly the price tag is very reasonable.

Honor Flypods Youth Edition Review

Stylish appearance, simple design

In terms of appearance, the Honor Flypods Youth Edition of the design is inspired by golf clubs, simple, stylish, luxurious metal texture, streamlined appearance, to bring a warm and comfortable touch. Honor Flypods Youth Edition of the exquisite and small body design, with capsule storage box, easily put into the shirt pocket or pants pocket, so that fashion throughout the day close company.

The headphones on the market are basically black and white, but for young users who advocate individuality, classic black and white color matching cannot meet their needs. In addition to the classic fantasy Night Black, Lily of the Valley White, two colors, color matching, Honor Flypods Youth Edition of the wireless Bluetooth headset specifically launched the Robin Blue, to meet the different personalities of consumers to fully show the needs of individuality, but also the current young people “Brave to do their own” encouragement.

Design, Honor Flypods Youth Edition ergonomic, the use of in-ear design and with three models of the size of the ear cover and sports breathable ear sleeve, skin softening silicone material, so that long-term wear comfort. Among them, the sports breathable ear sleeve through the surface breathable hole, help to wear headphones when perceiving the sound of the surrounding environment, outdoor use is safer.

Easy to wear in the ear

As usual, first look at the whole family, Honor Flypods Youth Edition of the headset body, MICRO-USB charging line, a few sets of silicone ear covers, the overall configuration is simple enough. First of all, we should note that the overall size of the headset, the shape of the cube plus ellipse seems to be quite mellow, compared to the Flypods Pro version is slightly larger, but in the design and a lot of in-ear real wireless headphones have a coincidence, the placement of headphones is horizontal.

In detail, the typical in-ear design, with a simple logo on the headphone handle and charging box, is also integrated with a distance sensor to detect pairing and a metal contact for charging, each with two silica grains spread over the body and bottom of the headphone handle. In addition, the HonorFlypods Youth Edition also presented 3 sets of silicone earmuffs, can be suitable for different ear types and different auricle size users, shell silicone sleeve can let people wear when the friction between the human ear, so that wearing more firmly.

Summary: Honor Flypods Youth Edition and the market we see a lot of real wireless headphones in the design difference is not big, belong to the more lightweight and portable shape, plastic materials of high light and scrub treatment also complement each other, the shell of several seams can notbut the charging box of the magnetic suction lid groove is not obvious enough, Friends who don’t have nails feel slightly blocked when they open them.

Double-click Touch Interaction General Operations

Touch interaction is essential for a true wireless headset. The Honor Flypods Youth Edition integrates the most common double-click touch Interactions of True wireless headphones, using the Honor V20 as Android representative and iphone X as representatives of the iOS camp in our tests, and double-clicking the left channel headset can exhale the voice assistant. Then the next function depends on what features the voice assistant comes with, such as the common alarm clock, check the weather and open the app.

In addition, double-clicking the touch right channel headset can answer the phone/call and pause/play music, which are part of the normal operation.

Summary: Honor Flypods Youth Edition of double-click touch and imagination as stable, this is also a technologically mature real wireless headset should have the state, answer/hang up the phone, pause/play music and exhale voice assistant these functions are no problem, the app is roughly about wearing headphones to listen to songs on the street or to easily control sound while driving.

Sound quality & delaytime

We can see in the back of the headphone charging box, a MICRO-USB charging port and a solid button, long press the physical button until the front of the box blue light flashes on behalf of the pairing State, after the first manual entry into the Bluetooth pairing connection, you can do the opening box self-pairing, the connection experience is as stable and fast as expected.

We mentioned in the front of the appearance of each headset in the headphone handle has two silica wheat, these two high-performance silica wheat can effectively enhance the level of call noise reduction, this is nothing, the more unique function is intelligent two-ear call, is in the call left and right ear can be freely switched, and single ears, ears can answer the phone, this is more practical for friends who need to listen to unilateral headphones while driving.

In terms of sound quality, Honor Flypods Youth Edition of the use of high-quality dynamic coil units and the use of balanced adjustment technology, the voice part of the analytical force is no problem, medium and high frequency can be clear and transparent, in the violin this pure music in the high-frequency part of the rise is limited, but at least can also do not break the sound, There is no obvious sense of quantity at all, but by, Honor Flypods Youth Edition is in-ear design, so in the sound of sealing than flat-head headphones better, the low-frequency part will slightly highlight a little bit, in general, sound quality is a well-behaved performance, there is no obvious shortcomings or too stunning bright spots, Overall and we are about 399 yuan this price expected performance is similar.

And the delay aspect is also done well enough, in our view B station experience in the character voice also has no obvious sense of delay, is enough to deal with the daily watching video and the vast majority of games.

The Battery Performance

Life is matched with a rechargeable box with a total of 12 hours of service, a single use has a 3-hour lifetime, the most important thing is to charge 15 minutes with 90 minutes of life (in AAC mode 50% volume), Overall, the life distance of more than 20 hours of the best real wireless headset there is still a certain gap, but 12 hours of life is also enough usually for everyone to use about 3 days, or is completely acceptable. In addition, the Honor Flypods Youth Edition also has the IP54 class waterproof, in the outdoor rainy day environment do not fear to wet headphones, in the indoor brushing teeth do not have to worry about dropping the wash basin, is a very practical function.

Final Verdict

Looking back at the entire headset, first in the shape compared to the previous Honor Flypods Pro is a little larger, but still belong to the portable small volume, carry-on is no problem, in addition, the headset is in-ear design, in the ear type compatibility is a little lower than flat head type, but the volume of wearing is not big, Intimate complimentary silicone sleeve can also be set on the headphone shell to increase friction, and sound quality should be said to be worthy of the performance of this price, belongs to the level of the standard.

Another point I think is more important is the life, 12 hours of life is a good level, but compared to more than 20 hours of the first echelon of headphones still have a certain gap, but all this in the return to the price of 399 yuan, at this price, you probably can buy is a good workmanship, and then sound quality, Life is also OK products, the overall is worth considering

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