Honor Flypods Pro Wireless Headset Review: bone sound patterns easy to use, excellent quality

Yes, mobility is the current trend to the tech manufacturers, the consumer sector is even more so. The first step of mobility is developing the wireless system. so that products are free from the constraints of wire. From the user experience point of view, the wireless experience is “used will not go back”, its simple, convenient, comfortable experience is absolutely in line with the needs of human nature.

At present, the market, the traditional wired headphones are gradually replaced by wireless headphones, various types, the price of wireless headphones in the function, quality is also more and more able to meet the needs of consumers.

Honor Flypods Pro Wireless Headset Review

On October 31,Honor launched a Flypods series of wireless headphones at the Magic2 mobile phone launch conference, this is the perfect example of adopting mobility of tech giants coz it is not used in any wire and now it’s a small version of the Flypods Pro wireless headset, which has been in use for some time.

The Flypods Pro is now a new member of this type of split wireless headset, so what is its quality and experience? This is the small part of it to be shared with you in this review.

1. Exterior design

Split wireless headphones usually have a small, lightweight body, and the Honor Flypods Pro doesn’t let you worry about it. The two headphones are placed in a matchbox-sized storage box. At first glance, in fact, the most direct feeling is its elegant color matching and it’s a “chicken blue” and there are also “Lily of the Valley” and “Magic Red”. “Two color combinations. The robin blue is a bit like a light cyan, looking fresh and elegant.

The storage box is a waist cylinder with an honorable logo on the front and a circular button on the back, with a USB type-c interface at the bottom that can be used for charging.

Open the top cover of the storage box and you can see the Flypods Pro headphone body, which is placed in two slots.

Get the phone from the storage box, you can see that Flypods Pro’s overall shape is very small, the headphone cavity is semi-in-ear. Along the headphone cavity down, for the wireless module part, the transition here is to glorify the original “swan Neck” design, a touch of the curve from the cavity part bent to the wireless module part, can be described as the Flypods Pro in the appearance of the finishing pen. The “Swan Neck” design not only adds a bit of feminine elements to flypods Pro, plus a romantic color but also is more robust to wear, making flypods Pro a good difference between most wireless headphones on the market or homely or sporty cool styles.

The FlyPods Pro headphone wireless module is a flat cylinder with a silver thin-edged collar at the end of the swan neck. The exterior of the wireless module is printed with a glory “honor” logo and the bottom is two metal contacts.

The Flypods Pro headset is made of polycarbonate, polished on the surface and smooth in touch.

2. Usage Experience

Take the Flypods Pro from the storage box and, when first removed, the phone with a pop-up prompt that connects Flypods Pro. Flypods Pro supports Bluetooth 5.0 technology and is actually used in connection with Bluetooth and mobile phones.

After the first connection is successful, the phone can be automatically paired with Flypods Pro after subsequent removal of the headset. The simplicity of pairing for the use of Bluetooth headphones is still more important.

The feature of the FlyPods Pro out-of-box automatic pairing is undoubtedly natural and simple, and basically no operation of the switching power supply is required.

Let’s learn about Flypods Pro’s sense of wearing. Single Flypods Pro only weighs about 4.1g, is very lightweight, wearing on the ear naturally does not feel heavy, semi-ear earplugs are also using ergonomic design, Honor indicates that the characteristics of the human ear canal have been repeatedly modified, the actual ear is indeed more comfortable.

As mentioned above, the curve of the swan neck in addition to aesthetics, there is also a role in the wearing of the right ear screen, so as to enhance the stability of the wear, exercise is not easy to fall.

To set up In the Mobile Bluetooth settings interface Click on the “Paired Devices” settings option, you can enter the Bluetooth headset detailed feature Settings page.

Here mainly to introduce some of the quick operation of Flypods Pro, Light point two down the left, right ear machine can trigger their corresponding functions, to the it of the small part of the case, tap two lower left ear machine can exhale voice assistant, tap two lower right ear machine can control music playback or pause.

The small part of it in the experience found that although the settings are said to be light, but the actual operation still needs a little force of the finger, probably “tap”, not “tap”. However, as far as the function itself is concerned, it is still more practical. It’s a small part of it likes to listen to music with headphones on the way to and from work, and as the weather gets colder, Xiao knitting on the road wants to control whether the headset plays, just need to lift his hand to touch the headset, without having to take the phone out of his pocket for an operation, which is cold and troublesome.

If you take the Flypods Pro from your ear during use, the headset will automatically stop what is playing, and when you put on the headset again, you will intelligently identify and automatically breakpoint. This feature is more practical, it home in the use of often need to talk to others, this time the headset can be removed directly, do not have to worry about missing the content played in the headset.

Honor Flypods Pro The biggest highlight is that it is equipped with bone pattern recognition technology, this technology and our mobile phone fingerprint, Iris and other biological technology, unique, uniqueness, each person’s bone sound pattern information is different, and bone sound patterns have a closed. And Honor Flypods Pro can accurately obtain information about the bone sound patterns of the wearer when he speaks. With AI intelligent knowledge of human technology, you can automatically identify the main identity of the machine and unlock it.

Honor Flypods Pro This time used the two-layer mechanism: one is bone guidance, bone vibration and human fingerprint, iris and so on has the same non-reproducible and unique, this is a new type of living detection technology, flypods is to collect people to speak when the bone vibration to verify the ID; the second is the identification of sound patterns. , the Flypods has 2 mic built in, while adding bone Guide sound enhancement technology to improve the accuracy of traditional sound patterns.

A specific application, in the mobile phone screen state, as long as wearing headphones directly say “Hello Yoyo” (bone acoustic information needs to be entered in advance) the phone will immediately unlock, and complete the subsequent voice control. Like navigating, making phone calls, sending WeChat, setting alarms, all of which are fine.

When listening to a song, you can also directly say “last/Next” or “answer/hang Up” to control music and calls, especially if driving or not convenient to get a mobile phone.

Honor Flypods Pro Headset fuselage is very small, it is difficult to add physical or touch-type keys to facilitate user interaction, so the idea of Honor is to let Flypods Pro’s bone pattern recognition technology with intelligent life Yoyo, to achieve another dimension of interaction, solve interaction problems, In fact, it is also an enhanced use experience.

There is also a bright spot, Honor Flypods Pro can also be used to voice directly say “WeChat payment” or “Alipay payment” to open WeChat/Alipay QR Code payment interface, very convenient and practical, of course, “WeChat payment” and “Alipay pay” bone sound information also need to be entered in advance.

In terms of life, the Honor Flypods Pro single-ear battery capacity is 25mAh and the charging box battery is 420mAh. In the course of a user, it’s a small part of it from 09:40 to listen to music with Flypods Pro, when the headset power is 100%, the system volume is 50%, continuous use until Noon 12:04, flypods Pro power consumption, headphones stop playing, The whole process persisted for 2 hours and 24 minutes.

From the single use of life performance, Flypods Pro performance is more modest. After the battery is exhausted, the phone can be put back into the storage box, and the storage box will automatically charge for Flypods Pro. According to the use of it small-series experience, charging 15 minutes can charge 50% of the electricity, bring listening to music 1.5 hours, call 1 hour 15 minutes, charging speed is still relatively fast.

The storage box can be filled with about 6 times for Flypods Pro at full power, and from this point of view, bringing Flypods Pro outdoors does not require too much worry that the headset will not be available because it is out of power. Of course, the above test is only it of the small part of the use of the results measured, the specific situation will be due to the actual use of the user’s way of the discrepancy. And the charging box also supports wireless charging, which can be recharged if there is a wireless charging dock at home or a user of Huawei Mate20 Pro.

3.  the sound quality performance

A headset no matter how cool the function, after all, or the headset, is the headset must consider its sound quality. Honor Flypods Pro uses a 13mm motion ring unit and supports the HWA HD Bluetooth transmission protocol, what is its specific sound quality? In this review wego through some audition song list as a reference point.

The first is Tsai Chin’s “The Ferry” a song with drums, guitars as a prelude, accompanied by soprano leisurely ringing, in the middle there is a high-pitched violin accompaniment. Flypods Pro on the prelude low-frequency drumbeat performance is more modest, low and full, but the shock is not enough, the female voice part of the delicate mellow, to the high-pitched part of the violin, Flypods Pro performance clear and loud, from this song can be heard, flypods The sound quality of pro belongs to the three-frequency more balanced type, at the same time the sound space sense is more adequate, the whole sounds more clear, has the tension.

In the classic “Hotel California” song as an example, this song prelude to the guitar began, and then there are drums ringing, accompanied by the sand hammer tap, and then there are the cheers of the crowd, whistles, accompanied by drums, guitar sound, Sha and other musical instruments, this song is more test of the headset sound field, the sound of the analytical force. In terms of the feeling of it’s small-form testing, Flypods Pro’s sense of sound space is more prominent, open sound field, listen to the prelude, you can clearly feel the applause of the crowd in the ear sounded, guitar is closer to themselves, the crowd cheered, someone in the left side after the farther whistle, Sharixian from the left ring, and then left and right interspersed, after a while, the crowd cheered again, when behind the left and right there are people whistling, calling.

Here only take these two songs as an example, comprehensive it of the small part of the use of Flypods Pro listening to music feelings, summed up, Flypods Pro’s sound quality performance high school low three frequency equilibrium, open sound field, analytical force is enough, sound quality clear melodious, sounds tension, thickness, as a Bluetooth headset, Such a sound quality of 999 yuan price is not wronged.


In terms of the experience of this period of time, the Honor Flypods Pro Wireless headset is a headset that can accompany users over the long term. This is to highlight, its product form and design in fact, it is not new, but its considerate user experience is an intrinsic bright spot. With bone sound patterns, AI and other black technology plus practical functions, flypods Pro in the ease of use can be differentiated with the products on the market, which is the consumer in considering whether to buy this headset need to focus on the issue.

As for the sound quality aspect, Flypods Pro generally satisfies the expectation, the three-frequency equilibrium, the sound field is broad, the sound is delicate, may not be less than the price some professional brand wired headset has the richer expressive force, but can definitely meet the demand of most consumers at this price.


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  1. how can switch off the flypods without put them in the box, becouse i cant take everytime the box with me!!

  2. Hello!
    Can I use the Flypods with every Android phone?
    And also with Phones that don’t have Bluetooth 5.0?
    And do all the features work with every phone?
    Best regards! 🙂

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