Honor Band 4 Running Edition Review

After several years of precipitation and running-in, the demand for the bracelets has been greatly improved and the dependence has been enhanced. According to statistics, in the first quarter of this year, the global wearable bracelet sales reached 20.5 million units, a year-on-year increase of 35%.

However, it should be noted that although the sales of bracelets have continued to grow in recent years, there are not many innovations in this niche and the appearance elements are basically the same. But this should change in coming years. Otherwise, this niche will decline.

Honor Band 4 Running Edition

At present, most of the smartbands are made by smartphone vendors. Honor is among them. Its products are among the favorites, especially, many young customers like this brand. In the first day of Jingdong 618 in 2018, the Honor Band 3 and the Honor Band A2 topped the smartband brand sales. This was another hint that the Honor bands are very popular among other companies that pay much attention to smart wearables.

Honor Band 4 Running Edition

On September 5, Honor held a new product launch conference in Xi’an. At this event, the Honor Band 4 was uncovered. It has two versions – the regular model and the Honor Band 4 Running Edition. They are priced at 199 yuan ($29) and 99 yuan ($14), respectively.


As the name suggests, the Honor Band 4 Running Edition focuses more on data demanded by professional runners. So not accidentally, the biggest highlight of this band is its ability to be worn not only on the wrist but on the feet as well. Moreover, it comes with a 0.5-inch screen, which is almost the half of the regular variant.

It is also reported that the Honor Band 4 Running Edition uses a six-axis sensor, which can detect seven sports index data, and is technically supported by the national professional sports scientific research institutions. It scientifically interprets and gives motion suggestions for running parameters, and enhances users to reduce the risk of injury while running.

Honor Band 4 Running Edition Appearance

The Honor Band 4 Running Edition offers 5 color straps, namely Black, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, and Pink. As you see, we are reviewing the red variant.

The package includes the wristband, the bracelet body, the shoe buckle, and the charger.

Honor Band 4 Running Edition

As you can see, the charger doesn’t come with a cable. On the top, it carries a USB port. So, plug and charge.

The smartband itself weighs 17 grams only. Thus, it’s very lightweight and can be worn for a long time without causing any inconvenience.

Honor Band 4 Running Edition

The Honor Band 4 Running Edition uses a 0.5-inch screen, made of OLED, which is very compact in the hand. There is also a front circular touch button, which is responsible for operating on the screen display.

As can be seen from the side, the appearance of the bracelet uses an arched design. So it can be more tightly integrated with the wristband. It won’t fall off during strenuous exercise and enhances the aesthetic.

Honor Band 4 Running Edition

On the top side of the body, we can notice the charging connectors.

Honor Band 4 Running Edition

The Honor Band 4 Running Edition’s back side carries some information about it.

Honor Band 4 Running Edition

The wristband looks quite sportive. It uses a skin-friendly TPU material. The round-hole design is convenient for adapting to different wrists and is beneficial for discharging sweat generated during exercise. Moreover, the two-color injection molding process is used.

Honor Band 4 Running Edition

To fix it on the shoe, you have to use a special buckle.

Honor Band 4 Running Edition

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Honor Band 4 Running Edition Software

Turn on Bluetooth and use Huawei’s Sports Health App to connect to the Honor Band 4 Running Edition.

Honor Band 4 Running Edition

After connecting the bracelet, you can view the sports data such as the number of steps, distance, heat, and various training modes, including running, walking, riding, etc. It also automatically calculates the distance passed after starting the exercise.

Honor Band 4 Running Edition

Once you enter the app interface, you make various adjustments, such as sedentary reminder, alarm clock, message notification, calorie consumption, lifting wrist screen, wearing method (either on the wrist or on the shoe).

In addition, regarding the message reminder, the Honor Band 4 Running Edition shows the alarm clock, incoming call, WeChat, QQ, SMS, etc. When there is a new message, it will send a vibration reminder. Like other models from the niche, you can use the bracelet to reject the phone call. It supports both iOS and Android.

Honor Band 4 Running Edition Actual Experience

The Honor Band 4 Running Edition uses a six-axis sensor, while most of the sports bracelets have three-axis sensors (three-axis accelerometers) that can only calculate cycles and steps. So Honor has added a three-axis gyroscope to the three-axis accelerometer. Using a six-axis sensor and a high-precision algorithm, the distance, length, and angle values can be accurately calculated.

It should be noted that the three-axis accelerator is responsible for sensing the acceleration in the axial direction of XYZ (three directions of the three-dimensional space, front, rear, left / right). The three-axis gyroscope is respectively sensing roll (left and right tilt), pitch (forward and backward tilt), and yaw (dynamic information of swinging left and right). Therefore, the Honor Band 4 Running Edition can realize 7 professional running data monitoring of the step frequency, stride length, landing mode, swing angle, ground impact, ground contact time, and eversion range.

1.      Wearing style

As a sports bracelet, the biggest difference between the Honor Band 4 Running Edition and the ordinary version is that it has two ways of wearing. Besides wearing it on the wrist, you can fix the band on the shoe in the direction of the indicating arrow toward the toe. At the same time, the main body of the wristband is taken out from the wristband, corresponding to the metal contact of the running shoe buckle. Once done, the Honor Band 4 Running Edition will automatically switch to the ‘running mode.’

Honor Band 4 Running Edition

2.      Running data

After the running is completed, long press the circle button or directly remove the bracelet to pause the tracking of running date. This will automatically restore the bracelet mode, and display the running data in the app.

Combined with the app data, the bracelet will provide seven professional running parameters. At the same time, it will provide analysis and recommendations of the National Sports Bureau scientific research institutions, using the most scientific way to let users run. Through the running posture parameters, the user can not only improve running efficiency but also reduce the risk of injury to muscles and joints during running.

Honor Band 4 Running Edition

With the six-axis sensor buck, the user’s landing time and landing type are more precise in running. Professional data such as swing angle and eversion angle during running must also be realized under the six-axis sensor.

It is worth mentioning that in running, you don’t need to carry a smartphone. You only need the wristband body to calculate the motion data. Just refresh the mobile app to finish the running data.

Moreover, according to the official information, the Honor Band 4 Running Edition provides a calculated running distance accuracy of more than 97% through the six-axis sensor and running posture algorithm.

3.      Other functions

This is a smartband. Therefore, it’s logical to see many common data displayed on the screen. As for the Honor Band 4 Running Edition, it shows the power, time, date, as well as can provide information on the steps, distance, heat, sleep, etc.

Honor Band 4 Running Edition Honor Band 4 Running Edition Honor Band 4 Running Edition Honor Band 4 Running Edition

As a sports bracelet, our protagonist is waterproof. It supports 50 meters of waterproof. So you can wear it in the shower, when swimming in the pool, etc.

Honor Band 4 Running Edition

4.      Honor Band 4 Running Edition Battery Life

The Honor Band 4 Running Edition uses a high-performance and low-power processor. It’s officially said to be able to stand for 21 days and can work for 2 weeks (14 days) when using normally.

Due to the special nature of the bracelet’s battery life (too long), we tested it only for two days when there was a remaining power of 100%.

Honor Band 4 Running Edition

During the test, each day, 2 hours were tested when wearing on the shoe. So the power was dropped to 90%.

This simply means the Honor Band 4 Running Edition can stay alive for half a month.

Wrap Up

It is no exaggeration to say that the Honor Band 4 Running Edition is the biggest aid to the runners. Especially, it is becoming more attractive due to the two wearing methods. The 7 professional running data are quite sufficient to analyze your exercises, while the suggestions will help you to improve your running efficiency. Thus, from a common smartband, the Honor Band 4 Running Edition, has become a very useful companion and a trainer that is always with you.


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  1. Seriously. We don’t need bring smartphone when running. ? Do our running track on the map can also be detected ? Since this unit, there is no built in GPS so it requires existing GPS on Smartphones

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