Honor Band 4 Review: Your Smart Companion

The smartbands are new products. But they have managed to become very popular in the smart wearables market. They come with a smaller size than the smartwatches but at the same time, they provide very practical functions. However, the smartbands market faces a problem – that is the differentiation. It takes too much time and efforts to bring really new features to this category of products. So many free themselves from ‘headaches’ and design similar products.

Honor Band 4

In early September, Honor held a new product conference and released the Honor 8X, Honor 8X Max, and the Honor Band 4 along with the Running Edition. The Band 4 is a very attractive model that can compete with any top-branded model.

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The Honor Band 4 comes with many upgrades in comparison to the previous generation. First, it is packed with a 0.95-inch color screen, which is capable of displaying up to 45 Chinese characters. It uses AMOLED screen with a resolution of 240 x 120 pixels. Thus, the manufacturer could bring a smartphone-level screen to its smartband. It can even display information under the direct sunlight.

Honor Band 4

As for other selling points, the Honor Band 4 supports 50 meters of waterproofness. There is also a six-axis sensor, supporting professional swimming posture recognition. The band also provides a real-time heart rate monitoring. This list is too long. But let’s take a look at the Honor Band 4 more closely.

Honor Band 4 Appearance

There are two versions of the Honor Band 4 – Standard and NFC version. The latter will come in October. But the regular version is available for purchase even now.

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The Honor Band 4 Standard version has three wristband color options, namely ochre black, midnight blue, and coral powder. We are reviewing the black variant.

Honor Band 4

You can find all the required information on the back of the packaging.

Honor Band 4

The box includes the bracelet itself, the charging cable, and the charging dock.

Honor Band 4

As we said, the Honor Band 4 comes with a 0.95-inch color screen, which covered with a 2.5D glass. It is more scratch-resistant than the plastic material of most fitness trackers. The AMOLED material provides a true-color reproduction. It also comes with a colorful UI, which is more interactive.  The brightness of the screen can be adjusted with time.

Honor Band 4

The back of the main unit carries the heart rate sensor, the charging connectors, and the quick release plug.

Honor Band 4

The straps use a special texture that looks sportive and elegant simultaneously.

Honor Band 4

Generally, the wristband of the Honor Band 4 is made of a skin-friendly material with a curvature. So you won’t feel any inconvenience when wearing it for a long time. The clasp is designed with a horseshoe buckle to provide better wearing.

Honor Band 4 Honor Band 4 Honor Band 4 Honor Band 4

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Honor Band 4 Software

Though the screen of the Honor Band 4 is too large to display any kind of information, there is a special app you can install on tablets or smartphones to get more. For this purpose, turn on Bluetooth and use Huawei’s Sports Health App to connect to the mobile device.

Honor Band 4

Once it’s done, you can view the number of steps, the heart rate data, the sleep quality, etc. You can choose any from various sports modes when doing exercises, such as running, walking, cycling, and more. This will help the band to automatically calculate the distance passed as well as show the trajectory you have moved on.

Honor Band 4

The app will also help you in setting some functions such as sedentary reminder, alarm clock, message notification, calorie consumption, weather, and hand-lift option.

The large screen has been put on the Honor Band 4 not accidentally. It will display messages and other notifications. They will be shown once the hand is lifted.

Honor Band 4 Actual Experience

On the main screen, the Honor Band 4 displays the time, date, Bluetooth status, power, and weather. Slide down to display the number of steps, heart rate, sleep duration, exercise function, etc. You can enter each page separately.

Honor Band 4

  1. The main interface and the number of steps

In this page, you can see the number of steps, calories burned, distance passed, medium and high-intensity activity time, and standing time.

Honor Band 4

  1. Heart rate

As the Honor Band 4 collects heart rate in real-time, you can display it on the app instantly. It adopts TruSeen heart rate technology independently developed by Huawei, and deep tuning of AI technology to make the bracelet achieve 24-hour heart rate monitoring. The innovative use of PPG module always monitors the heart rate while letting power consumption be minimized. Not only that, the Honor Band also passed the sample measurement of the CDB Center of Harvard Medical School and obtained the authority certification.

Honor Band 4

With the support of TruSeen heart rate technology, the Honor Band 4 can achieve exercise heart rate, 24-hour continuous heart rate, resting heart rate and other tests.

  1. Exercise mode

The Honor Band 4 has 7 major sports modes: outdoor running, indoor running, outdoor walking, outdoor riding, indoor cycling, free training, swimming pool, and automatic monitoring of various sports.

Honor Band 4

Like the Honor Band 4 Running Edition, this variant also has a built-in six-axis sensor that has a stroke recognition function. Thus, it automatically recognizes the wearer’s strokes, such as freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly, and records the speed of the swim. After, it displays data such as parameters, distance, calories, and average SWOLF.

Since it is possible to recognize the stroke, then support for waterproofing is its general operation. The Honor Band 4 has a waterproof rating of 50 meters and can be worn when swimming and hand washing.

Select any mode to start the exercise. You can see that the interface of the Honor Band 4 shows the current time, exercise time, and real-time heart rate.

Honor Band 4

After the training, the Honor Band 4 will provide a set of data showing the target achievement rate, exercise time, maximum heart rate, average heart rate, and calories burned during the exercise. You can sync the data to your mobile app and share it with your friends at any time.

Honor Band 4

  1. Sleep monitoring

The Honor Band 4 uses the HUAWEI TruSleep sleep detection technology. This technology is the result of in-depth cooperation between the Honor Lab and the CDB Center of Harvard Medical School. It has been clinically validated in the top three hospitals in China. It is the first application of PPG-based sleep staging monitoring technology in the industry, which can automatically identify the tester’s sleep time, judge the tester’s sleep state (including shallow sleep, deep sleep, REM rapid eye movement, and awakening), give hundreds of sleep improvement suggestions, and improve user sleep. Of course, this also benefits from the above-mentioned 24-hour heart rate monitoring.

Honor Band 4

When the Honor Band 4 detects that the user enters sleep mode, it automatically switches to infrared measurement. Infrared measurements do not cause annoying ‘green light’, which is more intimate than most bracelets.

Honor Band 4

Honor Band 4 Honor Band 4 Honor Band 4

  1. Battery life

According to the official information, the Honor Band 4 can provide up to 14 days of battery life when using normally. When we began testing the bracelet, the remaining power was 60%. In two days, it dropped to 50%.

Honor Band 4

Wrap Up

In comparison to the previous generation Honor Band 3, our protagonist comes not only with an upgraded screen but also software and functions. At the same time, it is priced at 199 yuan ($29), which makes it quite competitive.


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