Honor 8C Review: The Best Thousand-Yuan Machine

The smartphone market continues declining. That’s why many smartphone vendors are revising their strategies. Honor, as one of the strongest Internet brands in China, broke out the majestic brand potential and amazing high-yield strength during 2018, and successively released a number of new products.

As mentioned above, Honor refreshes and subverts people’s cognition of full-screen smartphones. In this sense, the Honor 8C (aka Honor Play 8C) will undoubtedly refresh people’s traditional perception of long-lasting smartphones. Usually, when talking about large-size battery phones, people think of a bulky design. So manufacturers have had to scarify the appearance when providing a long battery life.

The above logic was completely overturned in the Honor 8C.

The Honor 8C is equipped with a Snapdragon 632 chip, which is paired with a 4GB large memory and a 4000mAh super-large battery. The latter is promised to provide two days of life on a single charge. But what is more important, it is integrated into a sleek body with a rare gradual glare color and belongs to a thousand-yuan smartphone niche. So we can state this is the most cost-effective thousand yuan smartphone with a long battery life.

Honor 8C Design

We are reviewing the Aurora Blue 4+64GB version.

The box has a minimalistic design, which is very recognizable.

Honor 8C

On the front, the Honor 8C sports a 6.26-inch high-definition screen, with a small notch. So this phone has a larger area of the display compared to the previous generation.

Honor 8C

As you can see, the bangs area carries a lot of sensors, such as the camera, the receiver, soft light, and other components.

Honor 8C

Like other Honor phones, the Honor 8C comes with a chin, which carries the company’s logo.

Honor 8C

On the back, it uses a rare gradient effect, which is unseen on a thousand yuan smartphone. We can clearly see the 3D printing process with the traces of nano-level glare texture design. If taking into account the price range, it’s very difficult to present a unique light and shadow transfer effect in such a clever combination.

Honor 8C

The Honor 8C adopts the bionic design, which uses the golden arc of the left and right ends of the fuselage, combined with the precise control of the body damping.

Honor 8C

It is commendable that the camera arrangement of Honor, from beginning to end, insists on independent thinking. The Honor 8C’s dual-camera adopts the ‘Honor-like’ family-style.

It is very sensible that although the Honor 8C comes with a built-in 4000mAh super-sized battery under such a small body, it still maintains a slim shape of 7.98mm.

Honor 8C

The Honor 8C still retains a 3.5mm audio jack on the top.

Honor 8C

A USB 2.0 port is placed on the bottom along with the microphone hole and speaker.

Honor 8C

Honor 8C Battery

The Honor 8C is equipped with a 4000mAh large battery, and Honor also adds a smart power-saving function to the machine routinely. The latter learns a user’s daily habits and optimizes the ratio between energy consumption and the human-machine combination. As a result, it the phone provides a long battery life.

First, we tested the Honor 8C for watching a video online. The volume was at 60%, the brightness was at 80%, we started playing the video when there was remaining a power of 37%. After 30 minutes, it dropped to 33%. So it’s quite possible for the phone to provide 12.5 hours of video playback.

Honor 8CHonor 8C Second, we tested the Honor 8C for playing games via Honor of Kings. The test began when the remaining power was 49%. After 4 hours, it dropped to 32% only. So this is the best proof that the Honor 8C can provide a long battery life on a single charge.

Honor 8CHonor 8C

Honor 8C Performance

The Honor 8C is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 632 processor. The latter is also paired with a 4GB of RAM.

The Snapdragon 632 processor was released in June this year and is generally unfamiliar to us. It features an 8-core Kryo 250 architecture, clocked at 1.8GHz, an integrated Adreno 506 GPU, and an X9 LTE baseband (Cat.7) providing up to 300Mbps downstream.

Obviously, the Snapdragon 632 will replace the Snapdragon 626. Also, it introduces Qualcomm’s self-contained architecture, which is rare on the previous mid-end chip. It improves CPU performance by 40% and GPU performance by 10%.

For playing games, we opened full effects such as character stroke, high frame rate, multi-threading, highest picture quality, and high particle quality.

Honor 8C

During the test, the Honor 8C showed a stable performance at 60fps. Actually, the gaming process is very smooth, and there is visible the advantages of Qualcomm’s independent structure.

The Honor 8C uses a three-card slot design. This simply means you can insert two SIM cards that support dual 4G network and expand the storage up to 256GB via the micro SD card slot.

Honor 8C

Honor 8C Camera

In terms of camera performance, the Honor 8C is equipped with a large aperture of F/1.8, and the amount of light entering is increased by nearly 50% compared with the previous generation. It is worth noting that the current F/1.8 large aperture is mostly used in flagship smartphones such as the Xiaomi Mi 8, VIVO NEX, iPhone X, etc.

Daytime samples

When capturing photos by the Honor 8C outdoor or when there is a sufficient amount of light, it can be seen that the image inherits the family characteristics of Honor, and tends to be highly saturated. The AI algorithm makes its blurring process quite appropriate.

Honor 8C Honor 8C

The light and shadow details of the buildings under the clear blue sky are accurate.

Honor 8C

In the back-light shooting of metal dome stone buildings, there is no obvious overexposure, which shows that the HDR skills are still relatively strong.

Honor 8C

Nighttime samples

In the low-light environment, the picture is pure, without obvious smearing or noise, which is beyond the performance of the ordinary thousand yuan machine.

Honor 8C

As for the nighttime macro samples, the details are well-placed, and the blurring of the outside is not lost.

Honor 8C


There is an 8MP camera on the front of the Honor 8C. It supports soft light self-timer. It also comes with a built-in beauty function, which can perform beauty according to the user’s facial information. So the beauty effect is more natural.

Honor 8C

Honor 8C Unlocking Options

The Honor 8C’s face recognition has been updated to a new version of 2.0, which added the screen fill function on the basis of the previous 7C.

After the actual measurement, we found that even in the dark environment, the Honor 8C can still achieve fast and accurate face recognition. Then, with the phone’s hand-up bright screen function, you can instantly unlock the phone.

The Honor 8C inherits the eye-sharing mode of the Honor family’s bio-safety certification. Its screen can effectively filter the harmful blue light that causes eye fatigue. Combined with adaptive color temperature and brightness adjustment, it can effectively reduce the damage of the phone to the eyes.

Honor 8C

We can see that the eye protection mode of the 360 Mobiles on the right side is obviously reddish, and the display effect is also greatly affected. The Honor 8C that is on the left is only yellow and biased towards warm color temperature. The visual effect is more acceptable.

The Final Words

In terms of battery life, the addition of a 4000mAh large battery, supplemented by the low power consumption of the 14nm process processor, and Honor’s self-developed smart power saving system, makes it quite real for a thousand yuan smartphone to provide up to 2 days of battery life on a single charge.

As for appearance, the Honor 8C with a 6.26-inch screen with a small bangs area and the rare aurora gradient color body changes the concept that a large-battery phone should look ugly.

The Honor 8C is the first smartphone to use the Snapdragon 632 true octa-core processor, coupled with a 4GB large memory. That’s why any app or game runs smoothly without lags. Plus, the phone uses a three-slot design, which simply means you shouldn’t scarify one of the card slots to expand the storage.

On the back, the Honor 8C carries a 13MP+2MP camera, which has a large aperture of F/1.8. Due to it and the AI, the camera can stably capture the scene information in the low light environment. This is also true for the front camera, which is capable of providing a performance unseen on a thousand yuan smartphone.

In general, the Honor 8C’s Snapdragon 632 chip, 4000mAh super-power battery, rare gradient glare body, and the low pricing make it the most attractive smartphone in the niche, even outrunning the Xiaomi Redmi Note series devices.


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