Honor 10 Lite: A Flagship model is now available at just $209.86

Honor 10 Lite: A Flagship model is now available for purchase.

The smartphone industry today is in a very dangerous state. Every small company needs to make great efforts to survive in this field. The top brands also fight with each other and always bring the top and the new features in smartphones. Companies like Honor, Huawei, Xiaomi and Apple are the top brands which have occupied the large part of the smartphone market. And now in this race Honor has come up with the new flagship model. Honor has come up with the Honor 10 Lite the new feature phone with all new features. Now let’s dive in to check all the features of this new smartphone.

Honor 10 Lite Review

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The new Honor 10 Lite is the flagship phone which comes with 4 colors of variants i.e. Gradient red, Gradient Blue, Fantasy Black, and Valley Lily. The screen of the new Honor 10 lite is 6.21 inch and the screen occupies the 90% of the panel. In addition to it, you get the eye protection mode of 2.0 which will reduce the blue light and filter it. The phone uses the COF packaging process, this process is mainly used by the flagship models. This is very rare in the phones with this much low price.

Honor 10 Lite Review

To get the additional space for the screen and also making the screen slim the card slot is provided on the top of the phone. The official statement states that the New Honor 10 Lite uses the new high-precision 3D lithography process, and the process gives the phone the 3D effect of the light and the shadow.


The Camera of the smartphones in today’s life is very important. Every big brand comes with the best what it can get. And now the Honor 10 Lite has come up with the 13MP+2MP lens combination. The main Camera has the aperture of F/1.8 along with this great Camera. The day time result of the phohne is pretty good as compared to the top brands in the market today.  The phone takes the photos with high contrast and the higher color temperature. The HOnor 10 Lite also provides you the coolest Night mode and the Portrait mode which give a great competition to the iPhone XS Max.

Honor 10 Lite review

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Hardware and Software:

The Honor 10 Lite runs on the EMUI 9.0 operating system, and the operating system is based on the 9.0 customization. The processor has now added the Healthy use of smartphone feature to the which will support phone usage time statistics. Like iPhones now you can also note the screen time that the user has spent using the phone.

Honor 10 Lite Review

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The bigger the battery is the most interesting the smartphone will be. The main reason for this is that you will get more time to use the phone with its large number of the features. The battery of that Honor 10 Lite is 3400 mAh. The great battery will provide you the great back up for your phone. The test of the honor 10 Lite battery has stated that the phone will give you the 9-10 hour of battery backup in a continuous running video.

Honor 10 Lite review

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Where you can buy:

The Honor 10 Lite is available at a very low price on Gearbest. You can click on the links provided below to get the Honor 10 Lite for just $209.86.


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