Honor 10 Lite Review: Many Features Inherited From Flagship Models

We have to admit the current smartphone industry is in a dangerous state. It’s not only entered the cold winter with one foot but also entered an unprecedented period of cruel elimination. The small a medium-sized smartphone brands have to do their best to survive. Plus, the top brands are too close to each other.

Probably you know the Chinese smartphone market has a declining trend, the Matthew effect has further increased, and sales have been further concentrated in the top brands. Let’s take a quick look at the ranking of smartphone sales in the Chinese market in the third quarter of 2018 published by Counterpoint. Honor has the fastest growth rate among all Internet brands, while Xiaomi’s sales dropped by 15% YOY.

chinese smartphone market

Specifically, in the third quarter, the top six smartphone brands are VIVO, OPPO, Huawei, Honor, Xiaomi, and Apple. Six brands have occupied 86% of the market. The rest of the brands including Meizu, Samsung, and others have very small market share.

It can be seen that only two Internet brands in face of Honor and Xiaomi still maintain a large market share and volume. But it is worth noting that Honor’s sales increased by 14% year-on-year. Other companies have bad results. Their sales dropped by 48%.

According to the report of GfK, the sales of the Chinese smartphone makers in the third quarter fell by 18% year-on-year, and the overall sales fell by 9% year-on-year. It can be seen that in the second half of 2018, the Chinese smartphone market encountered an important turning point.

However, Honor seems to be the only smartphone brand showing satisfactory results. In 2018, it has managed to surpass Xiaomi and has been considered as the champion of China’s Internet smartphone sales for nine consecutive quarters. In the first three quarters of this year, it has won the title of champion as well. It was also the best-selling smartphone brand during Double Eleven. We are not talking about the fourth prize of the bestselling smartphone brand at Jingdong.

honor brand

To ensure its absolute victory on other brands, on November 21, Honor launched a thousand-yuan model for the young customers – the Honor 10 Youth Version (aka Honor 10 Lite). At this price, it is considered to be one of the best models in terms not only of the appearance but also of the hardware specs.

The 3D glare gradient design on the back e is decentralized from its own flagship. The front-facing 24MP selfie camera and the Kirin 710 with its own GPU Turbo 2.0 are also sufficient to provide users with a smooth experience.

Honor 10 Lite Appearance

The Honor 10 Lite comes in four colors of Gradient Red, Gradient Blue, Fantasy Black, and Valley Lily. As you guess, we are reviewing the latter. The back uses a high-precision 3D lithography. So the phone’s fuselage has a pure white color, which really rare nowadays.

The packaging of the Honor 10 Lite comes in blue and has a minimalistic style.

Honor 10 Lite Review

The Honor 10 Lite uses a 6.21-inch pearl screen, which accounts for 90% of the front panel. It has added Eye Protection Mode 2.0 to effectively filter blue light. And the 19.9:9 aspect ratio allows the phone to have a larger display area based on the 5.2-inch traditional phone dimensions.

Honor 10 Lite Review

In the drop area, the Honor 10 Lite has a number of components and sensors. But what’s more interesting, it has managed to put a 24MP camera there.

Honor 10 Lite Review

The chin uses COF packaging process, which is mainly seen in the flagship models. That’s why the chin is narrow enough. No Huawei logo can be placed there. Agree it’s rare for current thousand-yuan phones.

Honor 10 Lite Review

There is a microphone at the top. In order to make efficient use of the space inside the fuselage, the Honor 10 Lite also moves the card slot to the top.

Honor 10 Lite review

At the bottom of the fuselage, there are speakers, a micro-USB interface, a microphone, and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Honor 10 Lite Review

The Honor 10 Lite uses a gradient color design on the back panel. But it is worth mentioning that the glare gradient version is different from the two-color transition grading scheme commonly used in the market.

According to the official statement, the Honor 10 Lite uses a high-precision 3D lithography process, which makes it appear the 3D glare effect of light and shadow.

At this price point, the double-sided glass body design itself has been very rare, and the Honor 10 Lite brings a delicate and amazing feeling.

The dual-camera is placed in the upper left corner.

Honor 10 Lite review

This handset also uses a dual-Nano-SIM card + SD card three-slot design. Thus you can insert two SIM cards and one SD card at the same time.

Honor 10 Lite review

Honor 10 Lite Performance

The Honor 10 Lite is equipped with the Kirin 710 processor, which is Huawei’s self-developed quasi-flagship mobile platform. Its performance and the advantages revealed by the 12-nm excellent process have been tested on the brother model Honor 8X.

As for the processor itself, it uses four A73 and four A53 CPU cores. The maximum frequencies are 2.2GHz and 1.7GHz, respectively. Compared with the Kirin 659, the performance of a single core is improved by 75% and multi-core performance is improved by 68%.

On the GPU side, the Kirin 710 integrates the Mali-G51 graphics card, achieving 130% performance improvement and 100% energy efficiency improvement compared to the 659. With the support of Huawei’s GPU Turbo 2.0 technology, it continues to achieve super-level stability.

Actually, the Kirin 710 is the successor of the previous-gen Kirin 659 but is’ been made to compete with the Snapdragon 710. Thus, it is considered to be a genuine quasi-flagship chip, unlike the Kirin 6 series that is a classic mid-ranger.

GPU Turbo 2.0

GPU Turbo 2.0 is a self-developed technology that is iterative with Huawei EMUI9. The official introduction has shown this technology significantly improves the touch experience during playing games and the functional experience of the game assistant, which can reduce the average touch response delay time by 36%.

Based on the EMUI operating system, the underlying system scheduling is used to break the processing bottleneck between the GPU and the CPU, realizing real hardware and software coordination. As a result, the overall efficiency of the graphics operation is greatly improved.

To test this feature, we used Honor of Kings, opening high frame rate, multi-threading, highest picture quality, and high particle quality.

Honor 10 Lite review

In the process, the number of frames has been 57 to 60, and the fluctuation range is not large, about +-3 frames. It can be seen that under the GPU Turbo buck, the performance of the Kirin 710 is quite powerful. The game runs at full frame. At this price point, the performance of the Honor 10 Lite is excellent.

Honor 10 Lite review


The continuous reading speed is around 285.43MB/s.

Honor 10 Lite review

Honor 10 Lite Camera

The Honor 10 Lite sports a rear camera with 13MP + 2MP sensors combination. The main camera has a F/1.8 large aperture. In addition, the phone also supports 22 categories. The AI scene recognition of more than 500 scene labels can automatically tune your photos.

Note: The following samples are taken in AI mode.

Daytime photos

We can see the Honor 10 Lite follows the style of the Honor family. It takes photos with higher contrast and higher color temperature, rather than capture photos to please the eye.

It is also good when taking photos with backlight.

Honor 10 Lite review Honor 10 Lite review

Nighttime samples

The Honor 10 Lite supports AIS handheld super night view function, which is mainly found on flagship models. You can see the optimized photo output after 6 seconds of a handheld. In other words, AIS means even if you don’t have any professional photo skills, you can easily take a good night shot.

Honor 10 Lite review

Night scene mode off

Honor 10 Lite review

Night scene mode on

Honor 10 Lite review

Night scene mode off

Honor 10 Lite review

Night scene mode on


All the photos below are taken by the 24MP front-facing camera, using various effects. It is worth mentioning that we have seen many light effects such as ‘theatrical light’ carried by the flagship model Honor Magic 2 first.

Honor 10 Lite Battery

The Honor 10 Lite comes with a 3400mAh battery.

First, we tested the phone by playing a video. The brightness was set at 70%, the volume at 50%, and the remaining power was 100%. After 60 minutes of online video playback, the power dropped to 92%. Thus, the Honor 10 Lite continuously can play a video for 10-12 hours. Actually, this advantage comes our way from the Kirin 710’s 12nm process node.

As for the endurance test in terms of playing games, we chose Honor of Kings. After 30 minutes, the remaining power dropped from 88% to 8%. This simply means the Honor 10 Lite can play games for 6 hours.

Honor 10 Lite review

This handset comes with a standard 5V2A charging head. It takes 100 minutes to fully charge it.

Honor 10 Lite Experience

EMUI 9.0

The Honor 10 Lite runs on EMUI 9.0 operating system based on Android 9.0 deep customization.

We have to state EMUI 9.0 has achieved overall improvement and harmony in UX, UI, etc. It retains the ‘3D touch’ or ‘shortcut’ function that has continued from the 8.0 era, providing very simple and efficient interaction. It adapts to the trend of flattening.

Honor 10 Lite review

EMUI 9.0 has added the ‘Healthy Use of the Smartphone” feature, which supports phone usage time statistics, allowing users to know their phone screen usage time. The statistics are based on different applications. The health management setting adjusts the available time of the smartphone and can customize the classified apps one by one.


Previously, the Bluetooth of a smartphone can often establish a pairing relationship with multiple Bluetooth devices, but at the same time, it can only be connected with one Bluetooth device. Therefore, it cannot be used simultaneously with two (or more) Bluetooth devices. The Honor 10 Lite can be paired with three devices at the same time.

The Bottom Line

Starting from the Honor 8, the phones from this line have been considered to be among the best thousand-yuan smartphones designed for young customers. The Honor 10 Lite is the qualified successor of this series. Actually, it has a number of advantages that can’t be ignored. Say, it uses a double-sided glass with glare gradient color design, the TOF process from the flagship models allows us to see the extremely narrow chin on the thousand yuan machine, it sports a 24MP front camera that provides great shooting due to AI, the rear camera supports AIS, which is ideal for night shots, etc.

However, many customers pay much attention to the performance. In this sense, the Honor 10 Lite has no reason to worry because it’s packed with a Kirin 710 quasi-flagship platform and GPU Turbo 2.0 technology that guarantee smooth and stable performance.


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