HomTom S8 Review – replica of Galaxy S8?

China Industry is not slumbering, so in the hands of XiaomiToday got another clone of the Galaxy S8 – HomTom S8. Again the eight in the title and, of course, a recognizable design. Well, let’s see how viable this unit is, and whether it is worth considering it as a replacement for your smartphone.

HomTom S8 Unboxing

The smartphone box, although not bad, but not at all interesting, and not even similar to the Samsung. The transport film is glued to the smartphone, and one more protective film is included.

Homtom s8 review

In addition to the box, there is a charger, Micro USB cable, a clip for opening the Sim card tray, an OTG cable, and a user manual.


The phone comes in 4 colors, we got a black copy for review. Externally, the phone is very similar to the Galaxy S8, with the exception of the rear panel. It looks pretty good, and in the hand, it lies as if it were poured in by the diagonal with a ratio of 2 to 1 and small dimensions.

Homtom s8 review

Smartphone case:

  • The front panel of the smartphone is equipped with a tempered glass, above the screen, there is a front camera, a speaker, and various sensors
  • The back cover is covered with glossy plastic, which does not tolerate damage and is immediately covered with scratches, so you should dress the case. The error of the Samsung with the location of the fingerprint scanner did not repeat HomTom S8, now it is a dual camera, and it will not be so easy to stain it. Also behind is a noise-canceling microphone and a dual flash
  • The side frame is made of metal and has a thickness of 7.9 mm, on the right side there is a volume rocker and a power button. On the left side – empty


  • The bottom face contains plastic inserts for antennas, the main speaker slot, Micro USB port and main microphone
  • Above is a hybrid tray for two Nano, micro-SIM cards, and more antenna inserts


The screen is a diagonal of 5.7 inches, an IPS matrix and a resolution of 1440 by 720 pixels. The display is juicy, contrasting, but there are strong enough color distortions when the screen is tilted – the gentlemen’s set of mid-range smartphones.

In the settings of MiraVision, you can turn on dynamic contrast, as well as a blue light filter for eye protection.

Homtom s8 review


Brightness in daylight on the street is enough, the sensitivity of the sensor is normal, it works without any complaints. Multitouch for 5 touches.


Unfortunately, HomTom S8 could not surprise us with a good sound, both from the main speaker and in the headphones. However, most users will be satisfied with this.

Homtom s8 review

In the smartphone, you can turn on the radio, but only when headphones are connected.


The quality of telephone conversations is quite good. The noise-canceling microphone does its job.

All basic communication frequencies are supported, including 4G LTE. Thanks to a well-designed antenna system, the network keeps quite confident. Naturally, the smartphone has a Wi-Fi module, but without the support of 5 GHz and Bluetooth 4.0 networks.

Supports navigation with GPS satellites and GLONASS. The device finds and connects to them quickly, with high accuracy of position determination.

Camera HomTom S8

As the main camera, HomTom S8 uses a 16 Mp sensor. Though there is a second camera on the back, But it seems completely fake and can not even take portrait shots with it.

Homtom s8 review

In the afternoon, the camera shows a good result, but with the increase in pictures, there is a strongly noticeable overhaul of sharp objects. And in the evening, the quality of the photo falls swiftly and irrevocably, the amount of noise goes off the scale.

Homtom s8 review

The second camera is a standard 5Mp module, by and large, it is more for the look than for improving the photo capabilities of the smartphone. The HDR mode works, but its quality corresponds to the class.

The front camera is 13 megapixels. Especially where there is nothing to stop, the normal front aka for video calls and rare selfies.


The smartphone has a battery capacity of 3400 mAh. This capacity is enough to use the smartphone all day.

  • Telephone conversations – 15 hours
  • Browsing – 5 hours
  • Full HD video playback – 7 hours 30 minutes
  • Games (Epic Citadel) – almost 4 hours

Homtom s8 review

On average, the charging time from the in-box provided charger, with parameters of 4.94 V / 1.18 A, is about 2 hours. This is very different from the stated parameters in 2 A.

Homtom s8 review

At the same time, the smartphone becomes warm.

Performance tests

HomTom S8 has a fresh version of Android 7.0, And Play Store is present. After first switching on the software. It immediately offered to upgrade to the new version, this is encouraging.

The shell strongly resembles a pure Android, and there is also the option to put any third-party launcher, such as Google Now. Control is carried out on the screen buttons, they can also be configured. The shell works very quickly, the animation passes smoothly. In the settings, you can find various additional modules, such as MiraVision for screen control or Smart gestures.

Optimization is not bad, in normal operation most of the cores are “asleep”, which saves battery power.

For performance is the MediaTek MT6750T processor, an eight-core entry-level crystal with a frequency of up to 1.5 GHz, and a video accelerator Mali T860 MP2.

4 GB RAM, a built-in drive for 64 GB, is available just over 54 GB.

It is possible to install microSD memory cards up to 128 GB.

  • Present Sensors

Homtom s8 review

In Benchmark tests, the smartphone shows very modest results, which in no way manifests itself in the usual use.

  • AnTuTu Test

Homtom s8 review

  • CPU-Z test
  • 3DMark

Homtom s8 review

Due to the fact that the screen has a small resolution HD +, the power of the video core is enough for all games, especially with low graphics settings.

Conclusions & Price

Summarizing, it is worth paying attention to the advantages and disadvantages of the gadget and decide whether to buy HomTom S8 or look for another option.

Pros :

  • Elegant appearance
  • Materials and assembly
  • Autonomy
  • Connection quality
  • Firmware Optimization

Cons :

  • Weak camera
  • Distortion of display colors when tilted

Among other smartphones that copy Galaxy S8, HomTom S8 proved to be the best. Therefore, if you want to buy a gadget with such an original design, then it’s worth to look specifically at this model.

If you are not frightened by the peculiarities of the firmware, then the device obviously can suit you, you can buy it at the GearBest store At a Price of $159.99.



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