HOMTOM H1 SMARTPHONE REVIEW: A product with all specifications


The good thing about any Smartphone is that you can leave a lot of paperwork and electronics at home and always have it in your pocket: for example as a music player, diary, reader, calculator … or as a camera. A good Smartphone has long since passed the compact camera, but which phone acts as the best replacement for your old camera? We tested the best Homtom H1 Smartphone at the moment.

Except for Apple, major manufacturers are launching their newest top devices in the spring, with one marketing even harder marketing tags than the other. However, there is only one way to find out which phone the camera roll takes the best. That’s why I went on the road with the Smartphone that impressed me most in individual tests, namely the Homtom H1 Smartphone

homtom h1 smartphone

Have you always loved and looked for waterproof phones and at reasonable prices? If so then you will come to your liking after reading this article! We are going to share a tremendous waterproof phone with you here, the most important specifications, where you can buy this product and what the reviews tell you about this beautiful phone.

Buy Homtom H1 Smartphone

Why should you buy this Homtom H1 Smartphone? Well, he is already waterproof; next to it has corning gorilla glass. This means that you will not suffer from scratches and that your screen is very sturdy. The memory of this phone is also good; you have 3GB RAM, 32Gb internally and you can expand it to 64GB. This is not all, because then we immediately switch to the cameras, on the front you get 5MP and at the back 13MP. Also, 2 SIM cards can be done, and you can easily enjoy both numbers and applications on this different phone.

Where can you buy it best?

This is the question that has undoubtedly arisen in your mind after reading all these great specifications. The answer to your question is Amazon and eBay; here you can see all the specs mentioned above and many more. The price is also top, you can buy something for the amount that you can afford, and the nice thing is that they now also have discounts on this product!

homtom h1 smartphone

For an amount that is okay for your wallets and these specifications, you will certainly not find any bad experiences. People are pleased to buy him, especially the people who love waterproof phones and work outside and want a sturdy phone that can withstand rain and water. The Homtom H1 Smartphone is thus still pro for many and is even being asked and sold a lot!

The world of Smartphones never stands still. New developments follow each other in rapid succession. The latest trend is the use of dual cameras in Smartphone is this Homtom H1 Smartphone. By this, we do not mean one camera on the front and one on the back, but dual cameras on the same side. These Smartphone are called dual camera phones. Where does this trend come from and why is a second camera better than a single camera?


There are quite a few dropouts in the list. Sony and HTC, for example, unfortunately, cannot keep track of the competition with their latest top devices – although HTC will soon be presenting a new Smartphone, which we, unfortunately, could not take with this test. One Plus and Motorola, offer a Smartphone with a more than a good camera for a much better price.

homtom h1 smartphone

The Google Pixel and China phones are only extremely difficult to import an extra cost because they are not available here. Alternatively, the top devices of last year, with the Galaxy S7 without effort shooting the best pictures, at a distance followed by the G5 from LG and the Huawei P9. Even though the devices as mentioned earlier all have a neat camera, it would be a bit skewed, while we are looking for the answer to the question of what the best smartphone camera of the moment is. The tested and trusted smartphones from top to bottom are the Homtom H1 Smartphone

Test method

To properly test the cameras of the devices we went on the road, and we put them to the fire, by shooting the same photos with each device in different light situations. In the sun, against the sun, cloudy, in the evening, with moving objects … landscape, macro and portrait photography. Moreover, do not forget the flash!

homtom h1 smartphone

To keep the photos as far as possible, we have turned off all the frills in the camera apps; only the HDR function has been switched on all devices in some situations. Of course, as an advanced photographer, you can play with sliders to refine the lighting and other things for the photo. We have not done that, to keep the situation as realistic and comparable as possible, we have set the recording function to automatic on every device so that the method determines the best result. We also did not install photography or editing apps. That gives at least the guarantee on a whole bunch of pictures. Which can be compared on a good monitor, on color reproduction, contrast, dynamic range, detail, motion blur, noise, focus, and so on? The Homtom H1 Smartphone still stands out.

Front camera

In this test, I have emphasized the primary camera (s) on the back of the device. The camera on the front of the invention is a lot less advanced and a fixed focus distance, on other nearby objects than a face, this camera usually does not have to aim. The Smartphone stands out with some dull Snapchat-like filters. The Smartphone has a portrait mode enabled by default, with which the device fades the background software and the facial tones a bit of polish. The results are somewhat plastic. Unfortunately, this function is always on when you activate the front camera.

With the Homtom H1 Smartphone, Homtom has at least made a considerable catch-up. The device has a dual camera, which is used quite innovatively. However, this dual camera is not present on the regular Homtom, so for the best Homtom camera you should be with the plus size; Homtom H1 Smartphone model.

homtom h1 smartphone

Dual camera

The problem with cameras in Smartphone is that devices are too thin to fit a zoom lens in the housing. Only digital zoom is possible, which is, in fact, the same as zooming in a photo. Homtom ingeniously used its dual camera to bring a kind of optical zoom: the dual camera consists of a wide-angle lens and a standard lens. By default, the wide angle is addressed, but when you press the zoom button, it jumps to the standard lens. Incidentally, the image of both cameras is used for the final result. This can be seen, for example, in portrait mode, where the depth is detectable by the two lenses in front of the device, used to blur the background.

The camera app of the Smartphone is simple; it wants mainly for you what the best ISO values? Shutter speed? Raw? Forget it. You can turn the flash on or off, switch on HDR, select a color filter and switch on a timer, but that does not stop there. It’s a shame, because that makes the Homtom H1 Smartphone a point-and-click device, while it has more to offer. In the dark, colors are slightly valued. Nevertheless, the Homtom H1 Smartphone is always able to deliver an impressively good photo with little motion blur. Homtom has made a big catch-up in the camera area!

homtom h1 smartphone

The dual camera can use depth, allowing you to blur the background in the pan mode. This works nicely. You will see all the setting options when you swipe the camera image to the right. It is a pity, however, that the HDR and night modes are not activated automatically, but must be done manually.

Why do you want to have dual cameras?

The human eye is binocular, which means that we look through two eyes at the same time but from a slightly different angle. This fact ensures that we can see depth. Try to grab a pen from a desk if you have one eye closed. The bottom is missing, making it harder than when we use both eyes. A dual camera also works binocularly, so that gravity can be created in the photographs taken, which is comparable to a 3d effect.

homtom h1 smartphone

Double cameras that support each other while taking a photo also provide better image quality. The depth of field (sharpness at the front of the picture to the furthest points) is much higher so that more detail is visible. Two cameras that support each other also provide a faster focus and also allow you to shift the discussion at a later time. Depending on the second camera (bokeh, wide angle, monochrome or a combination) there are effects to add photos. A dual camera not only shows more details on photos but also gives the photographer greater control and various extra possibilities when shooting.

Lens renditions

Like its predecessor, the Homtom H1 Smartphone has a dual camera, one with a wide-angle lens and one with a lens with a minimum viewing angle. Homtom does not use this at all like Apple to imitate an optical zoom. The wide angle is used as a standard, and with a button at the top of the camera app, you can immediately switch lenses. He also switches over when zooming in and out.

homtom h1 smartphone

Homtom still lives up to its excellent reputation. When the camera was tested, we still had a preference for the camera with the small viewing angle, which made photos look better. With wide-angle pictures, we often had some problems with some noise and a somewhat less dynamic range. However, especially in low-light situations the wide-angle fails. Moreover, bulging occurs in this lens (inevitably): the photo seems to walk around a bit. The other extreme stops with the focused lens, with your camera at the same height less on the photo than the other devices. This small viewer can also take better pictures with less noise in more difficult lighting conditions.

While the competition is now catching up with its double camera violence. It is not enough to push Samsung off the throne, but especially about the Homtom H1 Smartphone, it is no longer easy to point out an absolute test winner.


The difference in dark environments with the Homtom H1 Smartphone is striking. Even though the photos look very different, you cannot tell which photo is best shown. However, if you want to shoot the best pictures all around, you will end up at the Homtom H1 Smartphone. Colors are slightly saturated, but because of that, they splash off your screen. Also, the beautiful (curved) AMOLED screen of the device also helps. However, also regarding detail and sharpness, the double-vision competitors cannot keep up with that, but that difference becomes clear with macro photography.

homtom h1 smartphone


When you are looking for a Smartphone with the best camera, you can now get to the Homtom H1 Smartphone. A slight preference goes out to this because the camera makes slightly more vivid pictures and offers more setting possibilities. A nice bonus is that the Homtom H1 Smartphone is better regarding hardware and price than the iPhone. The iPhone is very true to nature regarding reproduction and has portent photography as a definite asset, but unfortunately a bit too limited.

You cannot bump at the Homtom H1 Smartphone; especially the focus lens is powerful. The wide angle is nice, but it is slightly short. Still, if you look at cameras in the Smartphone, you better invest those few bucks more in the test winner. In right lighting conditions, the second camera can compete with the competition.




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