Homgeek Electric Egg Cooker: A great product for only $20.42 (Coupon)

Today’s technology is strongly linked to our lifestyle, every day it becomes more an essential need than a luxury to possess intelligent tools that help us with our daily tasks, today at XiaomiToday we bring you an unmissable deal for the Homgeek Electric Egg Cooker, with an exclusive coupon of 35% discount only on Amazon.

The Homgeek brand has been created with the aim of developing and innovating the appliances dedicated to the kitchen sector, committed every day to provide the consumer the best experience in the culinary arts, in this way they allow to enjoy the cooking experience. With this vision in mind, they manufacture from rice cookers, meat grinders, juicers, weighing tools, knives, to electric cookers. Throughout the following section, we will know in detail each characteristic of this Homgeek electric kitchen.

Homgeek Electric Egg Cooker: Unboxing

Homgeek Electric Egg Cooker: Unboxing

The Homgeek Electric Egg Cooker comes in a very conservative box, in addition, it is hermetically sealed to ensure its an intact delivery, it is a fairly simple and compact packaging. With that said, we can find all the accessories to enjoy the product:

  • 1 x Homgeek Electric Egg Cooker
  • 2 x Cooking trays
  • 1 x Transparent Lid
  • 1 x Measuring cup

Homgeek Electric Egg Cooker: Design and construction

Homgeek Electric Egg Cooker: Design and construction

The Electric Kitchen for Eggs Homgeek has a minimalist design, which is not a very ostentatious device, has dimensions of 15 x 15 x 19 cm, and only weighs about 798 grams, being a fairly compact, lightweight and practical appliance. It sports a round body with two integrated handles, it is available only in black, with a single red button in front to turn it on and off.

It is manufactured with the best materials to ensure a good performance, and it is optimal for human consumption.

Electric Kitchen for Eggs Homgeek: Functions

Electric Kitchen for Eggs Homgeek: Functions

The Electric Kitchen for Eggs Homgeek can be used to make many dishes, it has the ability to cook up to 7 eggs at the same time. Thanks to its operating system, the product is easy to use, you only need to plug it into the outlet, turn it on and in a couple of minutes the eggs will be ready.

Electric Kitchen for Eggs Homgeek: Functions

Thanks to its two trays can make many types of food, from boiled eggs to omelets, the best is that it is free of BPA to ensure the health of the user, is non-stick, through the transparent lid you can see the status of your tortilla in every moment, and has an alert system that will make a sound that will indicate that the eggs are ready.

Homgeek Electric Egg Cooker: Great deal exclusively on Amazon

If this ingenious product of the Homgeek brand has managed to capture your attention and now you wonder in which site you can buy it, we recommend you to take advantage of the unmissable offer in Amazon with a discount of 35% with the purchase of the Homgeek Electric Egg Cooker for $20.42 (€ 7.55) just by applying the coupon EOP99AVA, which means a pretty good discount, a considerable difference compared to its initial price of $ 31.41 (27 euros).

We are in our duty to inform you that this offer will not last for a long time and it is necessary to hurry because the discount is valid exclusively for the first 100 users to use the coupon and ending on September 20.

Homgeek Electric Egg Cooker on Amazon

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