HOBOT Window Washer Robot Sweeper at just $289.99

Are you looking for robotic equipment to clean window glasses etc. at your home? Here we are about to end your hunt. At Gearbest, we are dealing in a massive collection of products from all sorts, especially for home use. You will get a variety of products at our Gearbest store most suitable for your requirements.

Similarly, we are offering the customers with cleaning and washing products which they often need at their home. In the series, we have an amazing product to clean all types of glasses we have at our homes, offices, and any other places.

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Hobot window washer

Our HOBOT window washer Robot cleaner is fully-furnished with then latest and advanced features. It will provide you with an amazing overall experience to clean your all types of glasses you have used at your home. It may be window glass, bathroom glass, bedroom glass, drawing room or any other corner of your home. Moreover, it is based on AI technologies to make your work speedy, smooth and hassle-free.

Hobot window washer

HOBOT Window Washer Robot Sweeper- Features and Specifications

Here are some superb qualities of our HOBOT window washer and cleaner:

  • It is an electronic robotic machine which will work automatically after you plug in its wire into a power socket.
  • Further, the HOBOT window washer can be easily used on any kind of thickness glass of any design.
  • This equipment comes with a remote control feature. You can easily manage your work by sitting on your couch.
  • An attractive design and color (White and Black) combination makes it more inducing and professional.
  • The cleaning would be effective and practical. Work can be done quickly. Generally, it takes 3 minutes to clean a window glass.
  • In addition, our HOBOT window cleaner is based on fully-scientific and modern technical concepts. It comes with two alternatives of dry and wet cleaning with two different clothes. You can adjust them easily as per your preferences.
  • Amazingly, it detects glass edges and border automatically. You do not need to hold it with your hands while it is working near edges.
  • HOBOT window cleaner has a big suction cloth to make its grip tight on the glass. Consequently, it prevents it from falling down.
  • You will get three separate buttons on your remote control for three different selectable modes. You can move it first up and then down, first to the left and then down, or first to the right and then down. Hence, it will give you completed cleaning experience on the go.
  • The HOBOT window cleaner and sweeper will detect micro dust particles in a scientific way. Therefore, the cleaning would be from the roots with 100% satisfaction.
  • Further, our HOBOT glass cleaner can easily detect edges using its Laser sensing technique. So, this feature makes it capable of cleaning frameless glass doors and windows, offices, display cabinets, and hotel lobby windows etc.
  • Moreover, if you think it will leave the corners of your window glass untouched, you are wrong. Our HOBOT window cleaner has a square design. It can easily reach each and every corner of the glass and gives you complete results.
Hobot window washer

Our verdict

Concluding all, you will get an excellent and worthy solution for your entire sanitation tasks. So, go for our HOBOT window washer and Robotic cleaner and make your house shining and dust-free. We assure you will be 100% satisfied with its functionality and outcomes.

Where to buy:

You can buy the new Hobot window Washer for at Gearbest. At Gearbest you get the window washer for just $289.99


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