HKC C7000 27 inch 1800R Curved Screen Computer Monitor 60Hz + VA Panel + HDMI / VGA Offered For $209.01

Before now, curved screen monitors were so expensive to purchase which restricted a lot of people from getting one. Currently, different companies have come with different products at reasonable prices, But The HKC C7000 27 inch 1800R Curved Screen is one value for money product that would give you a good user experience at a mid-range price. This curve screen monitor offers a comfortable viewing experience, with broad curvature, ultra-wide aspect ratio, and high-quality image. The 1800R curvature of the screen delivers a noticeable difference in the viewing experience with reduced eye fatigue compared to flat monitors or monitors with less curvature.  The  HKC C7000 27 inch 1800R Curved Screen is currently available on Gearbest for $256.01

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The HKC C7000 27 inch 1800R Curved Screen sports a very simple design which looks look nice and elegant. It comes with a simple stand and rather thin bezels. Its silver-white color makes it really easy to integrate into any room and gives that room befitting looks. As earlier said, thanks to its 1800R curvature which would deliver a great viewing experience and Users’ eyes won’t fatigue as easily as they would do with other kinds of monitors, as the curved screen is simply more comfortable to look at. This device is built to protect your eyes with the integrated blue-light filtering and it also offers flicker-free experience. The wide display and its high resolution would allow you to see more content without needing to scroll up or down. The social media lovers or peeps that love to read articles online wouldn’t have to scroll as often or as much as they would need to in the case of another monitor.

Are you a gamer? Then believe me when I say you are going to enjoy this device as it offers wide viewing angles and 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution which is just to perfect to play that rugged game. With this, you would be able to notice every single detail in the game and you dont have to sit in front of the screen to enjoy your game. Its 178-degree viewing angle enables you to perfectly see what is on the screen even from its sides. It also features a 6ms response time and a 60Hz refresh rate which is not one of the best features we’ve seen in a curved monitor, but they aren’t the poorest either. Using this screen your gaming experience will certainly improve.

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The HKC C7000 27 inch 1800R Curved Screen is not only great for gaming. Watching movies on this screen is most certainly a delight. Thanks to its HDMI port, which would allow you to connect this monitor to several other devices, turning it into your TV without stress or any itch. It’s not as big as a large TV set, but it is perfect for smaller rooms when you want to watch a movie on it. Naturally, it is perfect for offices, where you don’t need a bigger screen than this. Any larger device would probably use up all the space in your cubicle.

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