Xiaomi presents the HiPee Smart Health Wizard, a practical and accurate urine analyzer

A small smart device that analyzes your urine quickly and non-invasively

It is well known that Xiaomi ventures into almost any market and don’t stop surprising us with its new products, crossing the line of the extravagant. One of the various divisions of Xiaomi has launched a crowdfunding project named HiPee Smart Health Wizard. It is a gadget that is developed for the diagnosis of health from the comfort of the house, a magnificent intelligent device which looks for the elimination of the basic consultations of the hospital by performing them from our house with a reliable tool.

The HiPee Smart Health Wizard has the ability to detect up to 14 indicators in a single test

HiPee Smart Health Wizard Cost

The urine analyzer has the ability to detect a total of 14 different indicators in just one test, by doing a test we can know the state of our health. The HiPee Smart Health Wizard is designed to detect kidney diseases, pregnancy or anomalies of this character, through the data collected about the glucose we have, pH, leukocytes in the urine and hidden blood, thanks to the fact that it has eight different types of sensors of high precision.

The innovative health gadget weighs only 40 grams, has an algorithm that, according to the Chinese firm, provides a precise health report with processed data instantly in a painless way. In effect, they assure that the results of HiPee Smart Health Wizard are as exact as those offered in the three best hospitals in China. In this sense, you can get a quick and effective health check in a non-invasive way, and without having to leave home, with a small intelligent device that costs just over 50 dollars.

The HiPee Smart Health Wizard has won the iF Design Award 2018

HiPee Smart Health Wizard Construction

The HiPee Smart Health Wizard won the iF Design Award 2018 for its functionality and elegant design. How could it be otherwise, in the case of Xiaomi and this being a smart device, has a WiFi connectivity to synchronize with a terminal and see their health data in real time. As another advantage, its practical design is water resistant, due to the waterproof coating with IPX7 certification that guarantees to preserve the internal circuits of the product.

The HiPee Smart Health Wizard provides its own application for portable devices

HiPee Smart Health Wizard Conectivity

The best thing about this gadget is that it has a mobile application that teaches all the data collected by everyone who uses the HiPee Smart Health Wizard, it also tells us with an alert when any of the indicators exceeds the limit of what is common, this functions will facilitate us to understand the data provided by the analyzer by means of graphs and cards. The only disadvantage is that it is found only in Chinese, thus limiting its sales internationally.

Source: xiaomi4mi

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