Web Summit 2018 Recap: All the major highlights of the conference

The Web Summit 2018 is over. The technological conference held annually since 2009, has left us this year great news and important technological projects that deserve to be recapitulated. But first let’s talk about numbers, this was characterized by having attracted nearly 70,000 attendees from 159 countries, over 1,200 speakers, 1,800+ startups and more.

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All the highlights about the Web Summit 2018

As assistants we were able to live the experience from November 5, until yesterday, November 8, in Lisbon, Portugal; where we enjoyed an event with days full of innovation and incredible projects in the technological field. However, it was also plagued by extensive discourses about the path that technology will take in some years.

All the highlights about the Web Summit 2018

Web Summit 2018 – Conferences and speeches about tech future

We can start by mentioning that the inventor of the Internet, Tim Berners-Lee, announced his plans to save the web, through the launch of a campaign to protect rights on the internet. Jacqueline Fuller, the president of, made a very important comment in view of the legislation that has been imposed in recent months: “We have an obligation to look after both parts of the world – the online and the offline.”

All the highlights about the Web Summit 2018
Tim Berners-Lee

The above goes hand in hand with the speech given by the European Commissioner of Competition, Margrethe Vestager, who assures that the digital world must also be penalized as it happens in the offline world, in this way, a more balanced and fair platform can be achieved: “We need to protect fundamental rights and we need to come together to do that.”

All the highlights about the Web Summit 2018
Margrethe Vestager

Jacquelline Fuller sat down at Forum to talk about “our 50/50 moment” and how we can work to extend internet connectivity to the second half of the world. However, one of the speeches that took everyone by surprise was that of the former Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Tony Blair, saying that he was 100% opposed to Brexit.

All the highlights about the Web Summit 2018
Tony Blair

If we talk about politic, we can not leave aside the important points that touched the founder of Bridgewater Associates, Ray Dalio, who has said that “We are now in a world where politics have a much greater effect on the markets”.

All the highlights about the Web Summit 2018
Ray Dalio

Microsoft President Brad Smith was also present to talk about how to make technology work for everyone, not just the ones in leadership. And Ev Williams, CEO and Co-Founder of Medium and former CEO of Twitter, came to discuss the future of how we consume media: “We cannot rely on algorithms to determine quality.”

All the highlights about the Web Summit 2018
Ev Williams

Finally, the statements of the Cambridge Analytica informant, Christopher Wylie, who was present at the Center Stage, are a bit alarming. He assured that the consumption of technology has reached the point that “People sleep with their phones more than sleep with people.”

Web Summit 2018 – Announcements and tech projects

Of course, being a technological event, the projects and innovations in this field were a great attraction, but also the announcements referring to important internet platforms. For example, Netflix announced two new series in Norway and Spain. Netflix Chief Product Officer, Greg Peters joined us to discuss how technology is helping Netflix share the world’s stories. He also talked about how the company will expand its production of more European series on the streaming site and unveiled two new series that will be available in 2020.

All the highlights about the Web Summit 2018
Greg Peters

On the other hand, thanks to the impact of cryptocurrencies in recent years, a $125 million cryptocurrency giveaway was announced! And the internet community was not far behind, now that YouTube is a focus of controversy, Twitch has become a platform that has opened its doors to many content creators and its CEO, Emmett Shear, was on the scene of ContentMakers for talk about how Twitch is giving live television and other creator sites a run for their money“The difference between streaming on Twitch or another platform: community.”

All the highlights about the Web Summit 2018
Emmett Shear

Of course, let’s not forget the projects that we loved most about the Web Summit 2018: the Cybershoes, shoes designed to work in VR, so that our movement goes hand in hand with what we play; the impressive Sophie The Robot, a robot like never before seen, which puts us one step closer to android technology; the presentation of a thermal jacket by OROS, with Solarcore technology and able to withstand temperatures of up to -160°C.

All the highlights about the Web Summit 2018
Sophie The Robot

We are more and more technological women

The Web Summit 2018 is proud to announce that 44.5% of its attendees were women. A week before, results of the surveys of several speakers, investors, founders, assistants and the community in general, were collected to evaluate their perspectives on the current status of women in technology. Thanks to the numbers that were handled at the end of the event, we can say simply that more and more women are interested in this broad world of technology.

All the highlights about the Web Summit 2018

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