Hey Plus Review: Better Than Xiaomi Mi Band 3 NFC Version

On August 7, there was a mysterious message a sports bracelet. According to it, a Xiaomi eco-chain company will release a new fitness tracker with an AMOLED color screen, NFC, Mijia smart support, etc. On the one hand, it should be the NFC version of the Xiaomi Mi Band 3. But on the other hand, it didn’t come our way from Xiaomi directly. Fortunately, this mysterious bracelet was launched quickly and it was the Hey Plus (aka Black Plus). Moreover, it was expected to go on sale on September 20. But it arrived two days earlier. The crowdfunding price was 229 yuan ($33)

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The Hey Plus comes in a white box with the Xiaomi logo printed in the upper left corner of the front. The black and white bracelet pattern is printed in the middle. There is also a special mark in the lower right corner, indicating that it supports pairing with Mijia products.

Hey Plus

On the back, we can find the highlighted features of the Hey Plus.

Hey Plus

The box is divided into two layers. The first layer carries the band, while the second layer has the manual and the charging cable.

Hey Plus Hey Plus

The Hey Plus comes with an unusual charging dock, which differs from the one seen on the Mi Band 3.

Hey Plus

A simple operation indicator is attached to the front of the wristband. After the tearing off, the QR code and the device number are displayed. Once you download the code, you can finish the binding. So you can start using it.

Hey Plus

On the back side of the main unit, we can find the metal contacts for charging, the heart rate sensor, and the Hey Plus logo.

Hey Plus

App experience

As we said, first, you need to scan the QR code on the screen of the wristband and download the Hey Plus app. You can select ‘Xiaomi account login’ or ‘Smartphone number login’ for login mode.

Hey Plus

After successful login, you need to set personal information such as gender, age, height, weight, and various goals.

Hey Plus

Once you launch the app (which may require a firmware update), you can find a 5-page bracelet operation guide.

Hey Plus Hey Plus

Skip it. In the main interface of the app, click ? in the upper left corner and click ‘Device Management’ in the upper right corner.

Hey Plus

In the main interface, you can find a circle in the middle, which shows ‘Today’s steps and goals.’

Hey Plus

Click on the transportation card to open card and traffic card management.

Hey Plus

At the center of the dial, there are six dials available.

Hey Plus

The Health data shows a total of three data, including the steps, heart rate, and sleep status.

Hey Plus

You can customize the notification software. Say, you can set a red dot reminder for unread notifications. And once they are read, the bracelet will automatically delete them.

The weather setting has no positioning function and can only be set manually. You can set multiple cities and adjust the order in which they are displayed on the bracelet.

Hey Plus

The automatic heart rate detection can be set to assist in sleep monitoring, or it can be set to be turned on all day. Once it’s done for the latter, you will be offered to choose the intervals of 5 minutes, 10 minutes, and 60 minutes.

Hey Plus

FAQ for Hey Plus

Q1: What is the screen quality of the bracelet?

The 0.95-inch AMOLED screen of the Hey Plus bracelet is one of the biggest highlights. We can see some particles in detail, but for us, this screen is quite satisfactory.

Hey Plus Hey Plus

Q2: What is the sensitivity of the wristband to raise the wrist screen?

In the gif below you can check out how fast the Hey Plus is. It really performs quite well.

Hey Plus Hey Plus Hey Plus

Q3: How does the Hey Plus perform under the direct sunlight.

As you can see in the photo below, the Hey Plus performs not bad under the outdoor strong light. But we’d like to see something better.

Hey Plus Hey Plus

Q4: How accurate is the wristband step counting?

Honestly, the frequency of the steps is relatively low. Say, when you get up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet, the number of steps won’t change in most cases.

Hey Plus

Q5: How is the battery life?

To answer this question, we have to make a few adjustments in the settings. Say, it’s set to wake up when the wrist is lifted; 22:00-6:00 is the time to avoid the disturbance; it will show messages, and so on.

Hey Plus

At 7:00 on the first day, the remaining power was 83%. As of 13 on the second day, the power reduced to 72%. In 42 hours, the power drainage was 11%. So we calculated it will provide up to 16 days of battery life on a single charge.

Hey Plus

In addition, the Hey Plus’ charging voltage is 5.0583V, the current is 0.0886A, which is consistent with the official 5V/90mA data.

Hey Plus

Q6: How is the waterproof performance of the bracelet?

Though there has not been any information concerning the hot water support, actually, the Hey Plus supports daily washing, swimming, and hot bathing.

Q7: How is the effect of the pairing with Mijia products?

It works like it has been made by Mijia itself.


  1. It comes with a 240×120 AMOLED color screen, which provides quite a satisfactory viewing performance.
  2. It supports NFC, including everything related to it.
  3. The screen displays up to 30 Chinese characters.
  4. It provides quite an accurate pedometer.
  5. It supports custom dials.


  1. There is no Find the Phone function and disconnect reminder function.
  2. There is a circle of grooves on the edge of the dial, which is easy to get dirty.

As one of the few NFC bracelets on the market, the Hey Plus is destined to become a strong competitor of the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 NFC Version and the Honor Band 4 NFC version. Its AMOLED color screen, custom dial, and other distinctive highlights are undoubtedly attracting a lot of attention. So we hope the official team will continue to work hard to optimize and update the firmware and implement and improve the functions of the Hey Plus so that consumers can get a better experience.



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