HBQ i8 TWS: All Black Airpods Clone!

One among the plenty of AirPods Clones seen in the market is the HBQ i8 TWS. There are a few things that sets it apart from the wide plethora of TWS AirPods knockoffs. Here are a few reasons why the HBQ i8 Earpods are a good pick from the hundreds and thousands of other AirPods knockoffs.

There are new products flooding the market almost every alternative days. Many of them copy the basic design and nothing more than that. Others bring in more features to the mix. The question that arises whenever any new AirPods knockoffs hit the market is to know what is new or different about that product. In this article let’s find out whether it is worth buying the HBQ i8 TWS Black Airpods Clone.

HBQ i8 TWS: Complete Black AirPods Clone

A choice in color

The AirPods is known for its signature white colour that is the same white color that was used in the white edition for its iPhones. This salient color is both an advantage and the disadvantage for Apple. This signature white color has been associated with the brand for long and has been a major selling point. On the other hand, many people love a black design and are disappointed that Apple hasn’t developed a color choice of black in the case of AirPods.

The HBQ i8 TWS offers an alternative that most AirPods knockoffs haven’t thought of. With regard to love for the black color shown by many people, they have two options. The HBQ i8 TWS comes in two colors – black and white. This offers a knocked out way for many people who preferred having a Black AirPods TWS earphone.

This sets the HBQ i8 earpods apart from most of the competition in the AirPods knockoffs market. HBQ shows that being different not just sets you apart, but can also give an advantage. The seemingly minor choice given to the customers provides the HBQ i8 TWS with an upper edge against many competitors as well.

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Twice the connectivity

Connecting to a single device and providing a crystal clear audio quality is the focus of most wireless earphones. The HBQ i8 TWS strays a bit from this mainstream strategy to dish out something innovative.

The HBQ i8 TWS has the ability to connect to two devices at the same time. Seemingly odd on hearing it for the first time, it actually works with a system known as Smart Playback. When two devices are connected together, the audio playback is done only for one device at a time. What the HBQ i8 TWS does is that it gives preference to whichever device gives the last command.

For instance, if it is connected to both the phone and a laptop and music is being played from the phone. Once a movie starts streaming on the laptop, the audio played from the earpods will be that of the movie. It is helpful in cases when a work that requires audio is done on the laptop and suddenly a call comes on the phone. In such moments, the call is immediately given control of the audio. This eliminates any hassle of switching to the phone or removing the earphones. It helps in giving a seamless experience.

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A reliable battery experience

The HBQ i8 TWS also has a good battery life. With 3-4 hours of music playback, it is a decent time to clock and is the general average among wireless earphones sold in this price range. But even with having a pretty average battery life, the HBQ i8 earpods has managed to stay unique. With a charging time of only an hour, it has a good charge time to usage ratio. This shows its efficiency in being a reliable wireless earphone.

Cheaper than the rest

Having a trick or two up their sleeves in all departments with the i8 TWS, HBQ is all set on a great product in their hands. Pricing it in the comparatively lower end of the market allows it to be a crowd pleaser. At such a low price and all the innovative ideas embedded into it, the i8 earpods is a lovely knockoff of the AirPods to have on your hands.


Bluetooth Distance: 10 meters or 32.81 Feet
Chipset: 2823B
Battery Life: 3 – 4 Hours of Play Back
Charging time: 1 Hour
Stand-By time: 120 hours
Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth V4.2+

HBQ – i8 TWS Airpods 2 Clone (Pure Black)

Sale Price: $26.44

HBQ – i8 TWS Airpods 2 Clone (Pure White)

Sale Price: $33.10


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