Havit i93 Earphones Review- Bluetooth Earphones For Music Lovers

I feel like recently I have been buying a lot of consumer goods and the type of goods bought are pretty much the same one after the other; my current obsession being the wireless Bluetooth earphones. So I just went online and ordered a pair of Bluetooth earphones. More specifically, I ordered the Havit i93 Bluetooth earphones. I have used and reviewed quite a few Havit products over time such as the i23 and the i39 and enjoyed them a lot.

havit i93 earphones

Over the time, the need and intensity of need for a pair of goof wireless earphones have increased manifold especially with big companies ditching the headphone jack in their flagship models. Granted that the first crop of wireless Bluetooth earphones came with their fair share of problems and issues, but things have begun to change for the better. Some Chinese manufacturers are emerging in the wireless earphone market and giving big shots like Apple a run for their money.

With competition on the rise, their motto is to simply provide similar (or in some cases better) features for a lesser amount of money. Among these emerging names is Havit, which among other things is known for the headphones and earphones they produce. We have reviewed quite a few Havit products in the past such as the Havit i23 and the i39. We reviewed the Havit i93 and the experience was pleasantly surprising.  I ordered it online and received it in a couple of days.

To find out our opinion and review of the i93 and how it differs from the i23 and i39, keep on reading our honest review of the Havit i93.

Design and Appearance:

The Havit i93 wireless earphones come in a beautiful red and white packaging. The box is made up of a hard cardboard material with a smooth matte finish. From the side, you have to slide out the box containing all the contents of the package.

havit i93 earphones

On the inside, I found the headphones and their case embedded in the plastic container below. The contents are fit snuggly inside and I felt they the packaging is good enough to keep the earphones safely and prevent any external damage. The box contains the two individual earphones, the portable charging case, ear muffs of three different sizes, a charging cable and a user guide with instructions on how to use to the gadget.

havit i93 earphones

The earphones themselves have a really nice color contrast. It is a fresh play between a bright orangey red and white which I found to really cool and in vogue. Moving on to the actual design part of the earphones, they are just like any other earphones without the wire. On the front side, there is a small protrusion which is a button that controls the various functions of the earphones but I found that the button had to be pressed really hard to get it to perform any function. Right below the button is an orange half moon shape which is actually an LED indicator which turns on, off or blinks depending on what action the earphones are performing. Right below the LED indicator is a small hole which serves the purpose of a microphone for when you are answering a call.

havit i93 earphones

On the back side are two metal contacts on each one of the earphones. Also on each earphone is a left and right sign. On the top of each individual earphone is a silicone cover which is meant to hold them in place while in use and prevent them from falling off, but I personally found this design feature to be a bit annoying but the good news is that it is as soft silicone material and comes off very easily so if you are like me and find the extra protection unnecessary and annoying, luckily you have the option to part ways with it.

havit i93 earphones

Moving on to the portable charging case, it is shaped like a square with rounded edges and I think that it makes for a very stylish and modern looking case. It has a white matte finish and on the top left corner is havit written. On the side of the case, are charging ports. You simply have to plug in the cable that comes with the package and it begins to charge.

havit i93 earphones

As soon as you place the earphones in the case, they start charging and the LED indicator starts blinking. Once they are done charging, as soon as you take the earphones out they immediately turn on and as soon as you put them back in they shut down. So no more hassle of long pressing buttons to power up or shut down your wireless earphones. This definitely is one of my favorite features on this model.

havit i93 earphones

The headphones are extremely lightweight and weigh only a mere 11 grams. Even when they are in the case, I found them to very lightweight and portable. While testing them out, every day I would shove them into my bag and run out the door and listen to music and podcasts on my way to work. And not once did I feel that I was carrying any extra weight.


The Havit i93 Bluetooth earphones boast a 2200mAh battery. The charging case takes about 2 hours to charge completely from zero to a hundred. Considering the huge battery capacity, I would say two hours is not a very long time for it to charge completely. The case also features fast charging which is an amazing feature and one that I haven’t seen in a lot of Bluetooth earphones. This feature is mostly present in high-end expensive Bluetooth earphones which can cost you anywhere from $500 to thousands of dollars.


To test out the Havit i93 and see what its true capabilities and potential I decided to use these earphones for a week and see how they perform. For the purpose of this test, I paired the earphones with my Samsung Galaxy S8. So here is how it went.

Getting started and connecting the earphones to my smartphone via Bluetooth was a really easy, hassle-free and quick process. Just like any other device, the earphones showed up in my Bluetooth settings and I was able to pair very easily.

havit i93 earphones

The actual usage part was not a very good experience. I found that wearing the earphones for longer than an hour was very difficult and after a while, it starts to hurt. At first, I thought maybe I am using the wrong size ear muffs, but after two days of investigating I found out that the earphones have burrs which started causing pain. But maybe only I experienced this issue because they fit everyone differently. I think it a major design flaw but I am willing to give it the benefit of doubt. Other than that, in terms of usability, I found them really easy to use. Unlike other earphones where you have to long press the power button to turn them on or off, the havit i93 are really easy to power up or shut down. All you have to do is take the earphones out of the case and they turn on; simple as that. And similarly to turn those off I just put them back in the case.

havit i93 earphones

The sound quality on these guys is pretty good, actually, it was better than I expected and the wireless frequency on both the pieces is very good and very high. To test out the sound quality on these earphones, I conducted a series of tests to assess the quality of its highs, lows, and mids. The first sound test I did, I listened to some bass heavy EDM music in order to determine how well (if at all) the earphones handle low frequencies. And to my utter amazement, the sound quality was pretty good. It was not as rich as the lows you would experience on a pricier set of earphones, but this was pretty good too and I am not complaining. Next up I moved to some hip-hop and R&B stuff. The result as expected was the same as before was good quality, deep and crystal clear lows.

havit i93 earphones

To assess the sound quality a little more, I moved on to some guitar shredding metal to see how well it handled the highs. And same as with my previous tests, the results were great and I was pretty happy at the end of it (maybe I have found my favorite pair of budget Bluetooth earphones).

The good news is that there is no bad news when it comes to sound quality with the Havit i93.

Comparison with other Havit earphones:

As mentioned before, I have used a few other havit earphones in the past; more specifically the havit i23 and havit i39.

In terms of sound quality, the i93 is almost just as good as the i23. When using the havit i93 earphones, I took my i23 earphones as well and shockingly enough there wasn’t too big a difference in the sound quality of the two.

When it comes to durability and endurance, i23 earphones are the reason I was tempted to buy the havit i93 earphones. Both pairs of earphones are durable and can endure falls. I even half stepped on one i93 earpiece but thankfully it survived.

Coming to convenience and ease of usability, each one has its own characteristics. The i23 has a touch button. The good thing about that is that you do not need to press down on it with force. Just a light touch will do that job. But the downside is that I would accidentally end up pressing it sometimes when I didn’t actually intend to.

havit i93 earphones

I found the buttons on the i93 completely unusable due to two reasons. One because it is very small and that made it difficult to locate the button while the earphones were in my ear. And two because its is so hard. I had to press down really hard on it in order to get it to respond. The downside is that this one button controls all operations of the earphones and therefore not pressing it is out of the question if one wants to continue using the i93 earphones.

Havit i93 -Final Verdict:


  • They are durable and therefore last longer.
  • They have great sound quality.
  • They do not cost a fortune.


  • The button is very hard.
  • The burrs on the corners cause discomfort.

The havit i93 earphones have their fair share of problems but after using these earphones for a week, I can say with confidence that the pros outweigh the cons. If you are looking to buy a good pair of stylish Bluetooth earphones which won’t cost you a fortune, then havit i93 earphones are definitely the go-to option.

If you are interested in buying this product, visit the following links:


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