Huawei Introduced its Harmony OS, Capable to run on Multiple Devices

At the annual Huawei Developers Conference in Dongguan, China, Huawei launched its own operating system named Harmony OS. The Company CEO Richard Yu confirmed that the OS was under process since 2017. Now, the first product running the latest OS will be unveiled on August 10 by the sub-brand Honor.

After bearing a ban from the USA, Huawei introduce its own Smartphone OS as it is no longer free to buy products and components from the USA companies.

Features of Harmony OS

As per the CEO, the newly launch Harmony OS is a ‘Distributed OS’, which allow the app developers to develop apps and then deploy them across the wide range of devices like smartphones, tablets, TVs, laptops and even cars.

Further, the HarmonyOS will stand in contrast to Android and IOS. It means this OS will offer the same working experience on all the devices mentioned above. Initially, the company plans to deploy the HarmonyOS on the Honor Smart Screen. It will come on August 10.

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After that, the OS will move to other devices like wearables and cars over the next three years. Hence, the Harmony OS looks like Samsung’s Tizen, which was initially touted as a contrast to Android but powered the company’s wearables and smart TVs later.

The HarmonyOS is a microkernel-based OS to use as few resources as possible and generates fast operating speeds at the lowest latency level. It is an open-source surface that comes with a TEE program to improve security issues across all devices. Further, its ARC compiler supports multiple programming languages like C, C++, Kotlin, Java, and JavaScript.

As per Richard Yu, the HarmonyOS can replace Android theoretically. But Huawei will move further with Android because of its extensive app portfolio and users as well. However, the HarmonyOS will support all Android, HTML and Linux-based apps.

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