HaiWay H3000 Mini Review: Twin Awards Winning WiFi Projector

There is a unique taste in watching movies in a Cinema (or do you call it a Movie Theatre?) – the detailed, loud sound, and the dark environment (and perhaps the ambiance and the popcorn!). But the main attraction that everyone views inside the Cinema, or the picture that comes to almost everyone’s mind, is invariably the Screen. That is where projector comes into play in our life. Although there have been many developments in the field of screens for public viewings, nothing seems to replace the taste of a dark or a dim-lit room and projected screen. In spite of huge Smart Televisions available in the market, still some people will never negotiate anything other than a good projector. If you are one of those or have a pint of such taste in your personality, it might very well be the reason that you are reading this HaiWay H3000 Mini Review. This projector that won two awards- Red Dot Award (Oscar of International Industrial Design Community) and Red Star Award- Oscar of China Industrial Design Community.

HaiWay H3000 Mini Review-Unboxing
HaiWay H3000  Mini Review – Unboxing

HaiWay H3000 Mini is a Portable WiFi DLP (Digital Light Processing) Projector with Android 4.4 that is suitable for home and office use. Costing a little less than $140, this is not the cheapest projector available in the market. Let us see a little more of its features to see if the price is right.

HaiWay H3000 Mini Review- Packaging and Content

The product package contains a HaiWay H3000 Mini Projector, Remote, Power Adaptor, USB Cable and a User Manual.

HaiWay H3000 Mini Review-Accessories
HaiWay H3000 Mini Review- Accessories
HaiWay H3000 Mini Review-Packing
HaiWay H3000 Mini Review – Packing


The packaging is quite impressive which is very compact while considering cushioning of the device too. The white color projector device sits in the centre with cushioning on all the four sides which are black in color. Although the color combination did impress us, we are not looking much for the colors here during the review. In reality, we will be seeing the features, merits and demerits of the projector substantially.

Design and Hardware

HaiWay H3000 Mini Review-Top View
HaiWay H3000 Mini Review – Top View

For a projector device, the features and ergonomics does surpass design and look. Same thing is true for much of the electronic gadgets, however, one cannot but flip a device top and bottom in hand while choosing any device at the store. It is worth mentioning that HaiWay H3000 Mini Projector won two awards- Red Dot Award (Oscar of International Industrial Design Community) and Red Star Award- Oscar of China Industrial Design Community.

Humbly white in color, HaiWay H3000 Mini WiFi DLP Projector has leather like finish and the brand-name on the top, along with a touch panel. On the left side is the focus adjusting wheel which is also white in color.

HaiWay H3000 Mini Review-Left View
HaiWay H3000 Mini Review – Left  Top View

On the back of HaiWay H3000 are the Audio Jack, TF Card Slot, USB Port and micro USB Port. The device reset button is also located in a pin-orifice at the back. The power is supplied to its inbuilt battery of 3000-4000 mAh via the micro USB port and the voltage specification is of 5V. This device can be used with and as a powerbank too.

HaiWay H3000 Mini Review-Back View
HaiWay H3000 Mini Review – Back View

H3000 Mini projector can support upto 32GB of memory through the TF Card Slot. The audio jack is of universal 3.5 mm standard. Through this audio port, the audio output can also be channeled.

In the front, there is the lens and IR sensor for remote controlling the projector. The LED lamp in the HaiWay H3000 Mini give upto 150 Lumen of brightness and a contrast of 1000:1.

HaiWay H3000 Mini Review-Front View
HaiWay H3000 Mini Review- Front View

The remote control set for HaiWay H3000 is of  a simplistic design with only the required buttons; with no show-off  buttons that are not required and sometimes confusing, this looks a lot cleaner.

HaiWay H3000 Mini Review - Remote
HaiWay H3000 Mini Review- Remote

At the bottom, there is a threaded socket for the H3000 Mini projector to be received on to a tripod.

HaiWay H3000 Mini Review -Bottom View
HaiWay H3000 Mini Review – Bottom View

Android 4.4 OS and Connectivity

HaiWay H3000 Mini Projector comes with Android 4.4 (Kitkat), 1GB RAM and an internal memory of 8GB. The extended memory supports up to 32GB via Memory Card. Using the Android platform means that this projector is open to access over 800,000 apps available that includes Youtube, Picasa and Facebook.

HaiWay H3000 Mini Review-Menu
HaiWay H3000 Mini Review – Android 4.4

For the connectivity, H3000 supports dual band – 2.4G & 5G WiFi (802.11b/g/n/ac), Bluetooth 4.0, and IR remote control.

HaiWay H3000 Mini Review - Connectivity
HaiWay H3000 Mini Review – Connectivity

Display and Resolution

Native resolution of HaiWay H3000 Mini is 854 x 480 pixels and supports a highest resolution of 1080P which is considered to be fair for office, briefing, meeting and home use. The highest output of H3000 Mini is upto 150 Lumens. Aspect ratio of the projected picture can be switched between 16:9 and 4:3 according the user preference and utility.

Inbuilt Battery – HaiWay H3000 Mini

The rechargeable 3000 – 4000 mAh lithium battery that is in-built can support use of the projector for up to over 2 hours.

Inbuilt HiFi Speaker

The device also has a built-in HiFi speaker  of 8Ohm, 1W. During our review, the speaker audio was found to be sufficient for a room of about 5 x 10 (L x W) meters.

Languages and Files Support

HaiWay H3000 Projector support a wide range of languages including Chinese and English.

HaiWay H3000 Mini Review-Languages
HaiWay H3000 Mini Review – Languages

H3000 also supports a variety of files – text, audio, video and picture.

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Overall Impact

H3000 Mini Projector is do not have HDMI port, which means that it is not built basically for sharing screens with other devices using a cable. However, with Android 4.4 OS installed, 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM is built with independence being kept in mind. The wireless features also augments to its assertion as a stand-alone device with only the file to be projected being fed with a memory device. Additionally, with its own operating system and the 800,000 apps open to it, the device make editing and doing some works possible right within.

The display was quite acceptable and looked clear and bright in a dim-light room. It was not comfortable setting the screen right without the tripod. So, if you do not have a tripod and are planning to buy this projector, get ready to buy one.

The inbuilt speaker is loud enough for a meeting of few people and our test room where the width of the room as more than the length (depth). But for a larger set up or a room with more length (depth) little bigger sound system might be called for.

HaiWay H3000 Mini Review-Front View 2
HaiWay H3000 Mini Review – Overall View

The price is not one of the lowest among the projectors but seeing all of the wireless features, design and ergonomics, the device is good value for money.

Price and Availability

HaiWay H3000 Mini WiFi DLP Projector is available at various online s tores with variable costs. The two cheapest among them are – $135 at and $138.99 at At the time of our HaiWay H3000 Mini Review, other online retailers sell the product at higher prices than the two.


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