H10 Pro Smart Bracelet – Take control of your health for less than $18

Keeping track of what happens in our body can be difficult. There are many things we cannot know without specialized monitoring equipment. However, the product we bring today is responsible for having a constant check of different parameters such as blood pressure, oxygen in the blood, or heart rate. All this from your wrist. Introducing the H10 Pro Smart Bracelet. Thanks to all these features (and more) this little friend is the ideal companion to monitor your health. Do we also mention that it is available for less than $18?

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H10 Pro Smart Bracelet – Many functions in a convenient package

Design and Appearance

The H10 Pro Smart Bracelet has dimensions of 25.00 x 1.80 x 1.20cm. The strap can be adjusted to cover diameters between 210 and 250mm. Its minimalist design adapts to the different activities you do with it. It has no buttons, but can be controlled very easily by a single point of contact under the screen.

H10 Pro Smart Bracelet features

The bracelet is available in five colors to choose from: black, blue, dahlia, pink and green.

Construction and Protection

The H10 Pro Smart Bracelet is constructed of TPU, while the strap is made of TPSIV silicone. It has an IP67 certificate that guarantees some resistance against dust and liquids (up to 5 meters under water, but it is not designed to be submerged abruptly), and this is quite evident seeing its hermetic construction.

H10 Pro Smart Bracelet body

Display and Battery

The device has a small OLED screen of 64x48p. In it, a single point of pressure will be in charge of controlling all the functions of the bracelet. The use of this technology is related to the power saving since the H10 Pro Smart Bracelet only uses the screen at a basic level.

The device has a lithium battery of 80mAh. It takes about 60 minutes to recharge and can provide between 7 and 12 days of use.

H10 Pro Smart Bracelet charging pin


This is the section where the H10 Pro Smart Bracelet stands out. It has a lot of features both for sporting use and for everyday life. We can mention: heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor, blood oxygen monitor, pedometer, calories consumption, distance traveled, water intake reminder and alarm. This is only in the sports section, but in the part of daily life is also defended very well thanks to the sedentary reminder, sleep monitor, notification of incoming calls and social networks, remote control of the Smartphone (to take photos), and an alarm that tells you if your phone moves too far from the bracelet, so you do not lose it.

H10 Pro Smart Bracelet blood pressure

You can record up to 7 days in data, and later if you wish you can transfer them to your computer.

Selling Points

  1. Heart rate monitor
  2. Blood pressure monitor
  3. Blood oxygen monitor
  4. From 7 to 12 days of battery
  5. Reduced price


Having so many functions designed for our health never hurts, and that’s why the H10 Pro Smart Bracelet is a must buy. Thanks to its reduced price, having total monitoring of our body will be accessible and comfortable.

Price and Availability

At this time the H10 Pro Smart Bracelet is available at Gearbest at the cost of $17.80


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