Grab Xiaomi Ninebot Segway ES1 Electric Scooter for just $312.99[COUPON]

Electronics scooters have recently gained a lot of popularity in the electronic market. Now and then we see new brands coming up with their own models of e-scooters. However, not every brand e-scooters are high-grade, and some of them are just trying to loot customers.  The Ninebot Segway ES1 electronic scooter is a classic combination of Leisure, shopping and commuting. With an overall weight of 11.3 kg Segway ES1, comes completely packed with all features you can expect from a great scooter. You can also read our complete review of the device from here: Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1 in-depth Review

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 Ninebot Segway ES1

The Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1 is one of the simplest model of electric scooter available in the family of the Segway NineBot ES series. The device was unveil at the beginning of this year but still gaining a lot of popularity due to its apparent benefits, consumer qualities and an inexpensive price.

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 Ninebot Segway ES1

The Segway engineers did a marvellous job by pushing all the gears and batteries inside the vertical rack, without putting anything into the flat deck. This naturally provides enough space to have an excellent hold on the device. The Segway ES1 weights just over 11 kg, and this makes it quite convenient, even to carry single-handedly and also making it a perfect travel companion.

The Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1 design architecture is top notch, and one of the biggest advantages plays in the charging. Although all the electronics locates in the rack of the scooter, the charging connector finds its place at a high point. It is approximately, at the height of 57 cm from the ground. In addition to its excellent location, it also comes with a cover of rubber plug, which protects it from water and dust.

 Ninebot Segway ES1

While charging the display shows the percentage of battery charge, and after charging is completed, it automatically stops. The Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1 comes with three modes of driving. You can easily switch between them by double pressing the button below the display.

First mode:
-The first mode is the best economic mode you will get with the Segway ES1. In this mode, the scooter accelerates at a languid pace and the speed limits to just 15 km / h (you can change it through the application). This mode is best suited for beginners and who want to travel as far as possible.

 Ninebot Segway ES1
Basic/Standard mode

-While on the Basic mode you will get a letter S on display. This mode is a balance between battery saving and acceleration.
Sports mode

-In the Sports mode, you will see red color letter S on display. You will get the fastest acceleration with this mode, but consequently, the battery saving is lowest.

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 Ninebot Segway ES1

The Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1 is super cool. All the features in general including its lightweight and fancy look with its capacity to fulfill personal needs makes it a star performer. The 22 km/h speed is still four times higher than a walking speed of a regular guy making it really convenient for getting from point A to point B. In the city with good asphalt road and well-laid tiles, gives you enough freedom of movement to travel cover a much greater distance in small time.

Where to buy Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1?

This Segway KickScooter NineBot ES1 is available at Gearbest and it sells for only $312.99 with coupon code GBFR03ES1. This a discount price and it’s best we take advantage of the discount.

Coupon code: GBFR03ES1


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