Grab Xiaomi X1 Intelligent Fingerprint Door Lock for $344.37

Xiaomi has manufactured a top security door lock to keep you and your belongings safe. When it come to the purchase of a product of this caliber, the durability should be ascertained. Xiaomi has newly launched the Xiaomi X1 Intelligent Door Lock with fingerprint feature.

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The Xiaomi X1 Intelligent Fingerprint Door Lock has an invisible fingerprint concentric circle design. The fingerprint identification module is seamlessly integrated into the handle, which follows the ergonomic principle. When holding the handle, the fingerprint identification module is at the place where the thumbs falls. Meanwhile, concentric elements are introduced. This door lock features Ai algorithm plus. The Ojj integrates fingerprint stitching, image recognition and self-learning algorithm to make fingerprint identification more powerful and intelligent. The Ojj also supports the remote issuance of one-time password which can be easily dealt with by text message or WeChat to those in need. The Ojj still adopts a straight core design to insert the lock core into the lock body, and and the lock core reaches level C in safety, with strong anti breaking performance and high safety coefficient.

Selling Points:

  • Fingerprint identification, unlawfully open the lock namely alarm
  • Phone Bluetooth to unlock, password to unlock, the key to unlock
  • Invisible fingerprint with all-around design
  • Interactive smart equipment, remote one-time password issued
  • Straight core C-level lock, six – weight safety guarantee
  • Financial level encryption, strong anti-breaking ability
  • 16-bit virtual password, effectively prevent peeping
  • Corrosion resistance, high and low-temperature resistance, exterior oxidation
  • Material: alloy

The Xiaomi X1 Intelligent Fingerprint Door Lock has dimension of 7.50 x 2.45 x 38.20 cm and weighs just 4,520 grams which makes it lighter than some mobile phones in the market today.

Where To Buy The Xiaomi X1 Intelligent Fingerprint Door Lock

The Xiaomi X1 Intelligent Fingerprint Door Lock is currently on sale at Gearbest for $344.37



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