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Xiaomi is mainly known for its phones, but the company also manufactures a lot of accessories, including power banks. The latest product in this category is the Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2 with a massive 20000mAh capacity. This is one of the devices in its category that offers the highest battery capacity so far. The Chinese provider focuses its accessories in the same way that it handles the phones. This means that you can expect a well-designed power bank that offers great value for money. And that is also something totally valid this time because we bring it to you at TomTop for only $32.99.

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2 intro

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2 20000mAh: Design

The general appearance of this product is minimalist and simple. However, it has design elements with which we could become familiar. The product comes in a white textured case where only the Mi logo stands out. The power button is on one of the sides and is lowered about 0.5 mm to avoid accidental pressure. As you can see, the design has been thought out with great care.

Xiaomi Power Bank 2 design

The corners are rounded for better ergonomics and solidity. On the other hand, the feeling of grip is very comfortable. It comes in dimensions of 13.55 x 6.76 x 2.39 cm and weighs only 327g . Once the power button is pressed, the power bank will turn on all four lights for a self-test. Thereafter, it will show the current status. The four lights indicate the energy status of 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%, respectively.

Xiaomi Mi PowerBank 2 20,000mAh-9

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2 20000mAh: Features

We are all surprised because 20000mAh is a great capacity. The company knows this and to ensure that the power bank provides all that energy safely, Xiaomi uses what it calls “nine layers of circuit chip protection”. These provide protection against short circuits, overvoltage input and output, overload and over discharge, overcurrent output, etc. The USB power control and charging chips are made by Texas Instruments, very reliable and quality. Xiaomi used high quality battery cells from well-known manufacturers as well. This not only keeps the capacity figures consistent but also improves safety. On the other hand, there are two output ports with a predetermined voltage of 5V.

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2

Given Xiaomi’s brand prestige and the nature of the hardware offered, the buyer is susceptible to counterfeiting from external vendors who use low-quality batteries packed in a similar housing. To combat the problem, Xiaomi issues a 20-digit security code in the power bank package. This code can be verified on its official website. So, if you buy a Xiaomi Power Bank from anywhere other than your own portal, a safe practice is to verify before using it to guarantee its legitimacy.

If you are interested in purchasing this Power Bank from Xiaomi, we invite you to access the product page on popular online store TomTop where it is selling for just $32.99.

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