Grab The Xiaomi USB Type-C to Micro USB Connector For $2.11

Chinese manufacturing giant, Xiaomi, is practically involved in the manufacturing of anything related to technology.  In recent times, most smartphones come with a USB Type-C interface which makes it impossible to charge your device or transfer files using a normal USB cable. However, that is now in the past as Xiaomi comes up with a Xiaomi USB Type-C to Micro USB Connector that will allow us to combine a variety of devices with each other

Xiaomi USB Type-C introduction

Xiaomi USB Type-C: Design & Appearance

The Xiaomi USB Type-C to Micro USB Connector stands out not only for its simplicity that radiates elegance but also for its compact size. Its small size means that it can be moved around seamlessly, and when in use, it will not occupy space.  To be specific, it has a dimension of 2.18 x 1.14 x 0.55 cm and weighs 6 grams.

Xiaomi USB Type-C design

This USB connector is made of ABS material which means that it is resistant to shock, falls and scratches. It is available in a single color, black, which is the standard.

Xiaomi USB Type-C design

Xiaomi USB Type-C: Compatibility

The Xiaomi USB Type-C to Micro USB Connector can connect 2 devices simultaneously thus data transfer is more stable and faster. This is because this connector works with a connection 3.1, therefore offers greater efficiency when using it. Xiaomi USB Type-C compatibility

Where To Buy The Xiaomi USB Type-C to Micro USB Connector

The Xiaomi USB Type-C to Micro USB Connector is currently available on Gearbest For $2.11. Depending on your location and preferred shipping option, this product may be brought to you for FREE.



I have been a strong follower of Android devices since the release of Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Right now, Chinese tech completely fascinates me because they are probably the only manufacturers who tries to merge budget and specs.

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