Grab The Xiaomi Mitu Building Block Mining Truck For Just $32.99

Xiaomi recently launched the Xiaomi Mitu Building Block Mining Truck to join the toy line MITU Blocks. This robotic toy is quite different from others as it is devoid of electronics. If you have not put a smile on your child’s face for a while now, this is the perfect opportunity as children tend to love this toy.

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The Xiaomi Mitu Building Block Mining Truck is composed of more than 500 pieces made with tight tolerances, all in order to ensure a precise and comfortable coupling between them. The pieces are made of high-quality plastic materials, very resistant, non-toxic and insulating, so much so that the Mitu Building Block Mining Truck has passed the very strict safety test reserved in China to toys: the product is therefore suitable even for the little ones.

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The Xiaomi Mitu Building Block Mining Truck sports 6 large rubber tires with high toughness and allows the truck to gallop across the terrain, whether the desert or the plain.  The front pair of large wheels turn with a special “steering”, which is located on top, that is, they can be operated by the child without any difficulties. The rear wheels can easily rotate, independently of each other. it is basically a truck that you can assemble with pieces. As regards the assembly time, it will take you more or less time depending on your skill for this type of toys.

Main Features:

  • As far as possible to restore the shape and transmission structure of the truck.
  • The splicing process is not only the training of patience but also the inspiration to the imagination.
  • Clever directional control system, control the direction of the car at will.
  • Imitates the loading and unloading system of a real car.
  • Six large rubber tires, suitable for all kinds of terrain.
  • Accord with the national 3C serious standard can be assured to let the children play.
  • Recommended age: over 6 years old.

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Where To Buy The Xiaomi Mitu Building Block Mining Truck

The Xiaomi Mitu Building Block Mining Truck is currently available on Gearbest for $32.99 and would be delivered to your destination for free.



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