Grab The Xiaomi Mi Power Strip With 3 USB Slots For $25.07

Extension ( Power Strip) as we all know, is always in every house and most times more than one, but not all of them ought to be in our homes as they are of very low quality and can cause a lot of things. Constantly faced with their shortcomings, Xiaomi began to reflect on how to improve them. For comfortable use, an extension cable with 3 USB ports was simulated, as the number of gadgets in everyday life increases and there is a problem with their recharging. This Xiaomi Mi Power Strip With 3 USB Slots was made from quality material and would last the test of time.

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This device comes in a minimalistic design and in accordance with the requirement of home decoration, It uses the same production process, one-time non-mark injection molding to get a delicate and concise appearance. Whats more, different processes are applied to the top and side surface. It uses grind frosting processing on the top surface which can prevent scratches effectively. The side mirror polishing is used to blend with the surrounding environment. A high-quality Tin phosphor bronze was used as the internal structure material. With good elasticity, strong electrical conductivity, and high wear resistance. It comes with a unique mini strip close to capsize which makes you wall looks clean and tidy

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This device is embedded with non-slip pads on four feet which makes it more stable on any flat surface. It has a hidden LED indicator with a peaceful white without any disturbance. Unlike the old red lights that grab in eyes, soft white light feels more comfortable.

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Main Features

  • Compact design, keeping ample spaces while plugging
  • Each socket boasts an individual safety gate, ensuring the highest security
  • One button switch control system for simple operation
  • Anti-skid foot pad and mat at the screw position for firm fixation
  • Hook welding and double spot welding process for long service

Where Can I Buy Xiaomi Mi Power Strip With 3 USB Slots?

The  Xiaomi Mi Power Strip With 3 USB Slots(Free Shipping) is currently on sale at Gearbest for $25.07



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