Orimag P6 Portable DLP WiFi Projector For $189.99

Huave you ever craved to have a projector that wouldn’t be a burden on you to carry from one spot to another? Do you wish to own a super-small and portable projector which will be your backup device just in case the main projector fails? Then your search is over as we now have a projector that you can hold with your fingers and it will comfortably fit into your palm. We are talking about the Orimag P6 Portable DLP WiFi Projector. The major selling point of this device is its size and a couple of features were sacrificed for the super-portable size. In all, it still gets the job done while it eases your stress. Unfortunately, only 6 pieces are available, thus you better hurry the hell up.  Let us take a look at the details of this projector.

Orimag P6 Projector 1080P for Home Cinema

Design & Appearance

Like we said earlier, the Orimag P6 Portable DLP WiFi Projector comes with a classic shape and elegant design and can even serve as a home furnishing. The projector is perfect for limited spaces or home use and it comes with a dimension of 4.30 x 4.30 x 4.75 cm and it weighs 110 grams. This projector is ten times lighter than an average projector on the market and it is also seven times smaller. It can be held easily with the fingers just like you will hold a cube of sugar. This home-theater projector delivers up to 120 inch TV experience. The Orimag P6 Portable DLP WiFi Projector is currently available in black, bright black, rose gold and silver colours.

Hardware & Performance

The Orimag P6 Portable DLP WiFi Projector has a good hardware configuration, 1080P display and its brightness up to 80 ANSI lumens. This is not the highest of lumens but it was a necessary sacrifice for the size. With 80 lumens, this projector is perfect for viewing HD movies in the sitting room or bedroom. It is equipped with eyes protection function and its radiation-resistance light will not hurt your eyes and save energy, which is perfect for your long-time enjoyment.


The Orimag P6 Portable DLP WiFi Projector ships with a glass lens that resists high temperature, which ensures that its images are never distorted. This projector uses an LED  display with a 640 x 480  resolution which is perfect for small spaces. Unfortunately, it neither supports the 4K display nor 3D function. It is equipped with 80 ANSI Lumens which is suitable for home use and mini-conference rooms (please note that projectors with higher lumens may not be suitable for home uses because it may be too bright). It has a throw ratio of 1.5: 1  and it projects through a distance of 0.3 – 3.5m  with an image size of 50 – 120 inch.

Orimag P6 Projector 1080P for Home Cinema

Other Features

The  Orimag P6 Portable DLP WiFi Projector delivers 20,000 hours of a lifetime thus it will serve you up to 35 years if using 2 hours per day. It is compatible with iOS system with a 5V power supply. For connectivity, this projector is equipped with a 3.5mm jack and a USB port.

Where to buy the Orimag P6 Portable DLP WiFi Projector

The Orimag P6 Portable DLP WiFi Projector is currently on sale on Gearbest for $189.99. Depending on your location and preferred shipping option, this product may be shipped for FREE.




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