Grab The OnePlus 6T (8+128GB) For Just $459.99 at Gearbest (Coupon Deal)

Though the OnePlus 6T is an upgraded variant of the original model launched earlier this year, there are not too many changes. Probably, the most eye-catching improvement refers to the screen. Now it is using a trendier drop screen design, and it also comes with a screen fingerprint recognition. At the same time, there is no 3.5mm audio jack anymore. Currently, the OnePlus 6T (8+128GB) is available at Gearbest with Coupon Code which costs only $459.99

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Buy OnePlus 6T (8+128GB) From Gearbest

Speaking of another quite important feature, we find the design of the phablet, and the first thing that should be mentioned is that the OnePlus 6T has dimensions of 15.50×7.10×0.80cm and a total weight of 0.150Kg. The company continues with its same line of design, with glass as the body of the device, however, to avoid problems like those they had with their predecessor, they decided to apply a subsequent treatment on the glass layer that aims to simulate the best that can be a metal housing. Thanks to this, it has a quite remarkable resistance and the traces are not marked in an exaggerated way.

The design of this device is quite elegant and comfortable in the hand. On the front, it has Corning Gorilla Glass 6, so the screen is fairly protected against falls and bumps. Another interesting thing about its design is the front notch. Many devices currently have it to save as much space as possible, but in this terminal, the manufacturer has done everything possible to minimize its dimensions. In any case, the user can select whether it wants this notch or not, all it has to do is sacrifice a little of the screen space.

This device has the classic OnePlus start button centered on the right side. Above it is the notifications button. On the other hand, on the left side, you can get the volume button and the removable tray for the Nano SIM. Finally, it should be mentioned that the OnePlus 6T uses a Type C USB port on the bottom.

One of the most important features of a Smartphone like this is the screen, and OnePlus is not far behind in this department, the OnePlus 6T has an AMOLED screen of 6.41? with a 2340x1080p resolution, which translates into a density of 408 pixels per inch. Along with this, it also has a 19.5:9 aspect ratio so it will have a large additional space to enjoy all the multimedia content, which is basically where the notch is located. The great novelty of the Smartphone is also found in this section, and that is that the screen has a fingerprint scanner, which means that it joins the select group of phones with this technology.

Speaking of the hardware of this device, when a comparison is made with its predecessor there really is not a substantial change. In fact, this device comes with exactly the same Snapdragon 845 processor and comes in 3 different versions, one with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of ROM, another with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of ROM and the other with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of ROM.

The cameras are a section that has not really changed in relation to its predecessor, the OnePlus 6. To be more specific, the OnePlus 6T comes with two Sony sensors on the back of 20MP + 16MP. The front camera is also very close to this since it is a Sony IMX371 of 16MP with an f/2.0 focal aperture.

This device has a battery larger than the OnePlus 6, however, this almost does not affect its total weight. Thanks to this small sacrifice, the terminal enjoys a 3700mAh battery that has the quick charge feature for when we are in trouble and need immediate availability of the device. Speaking of another of its features, we have the operating system, which is OxygenOS 9.0.3 based on Android 9, which has been specially designed by OnePlus for their terminals, thus offering great fluidity when running any application.

You can find this amazing OnePlus 6T (8+128GB) Smartphone in the at a price of $459.99 by using this Coupon Code: GBMPOP6T66 with an incredible discount. If you want to appropriate this OnePlus Smartphone you just have to enter from the following link:

Coupon Code: GBMPOP6T66

Buy OnePlus 6T (8+128GB) From Gearbest

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