Grab The JJRC H98 RC 80 Meters Flight Drone For Only $30.86

Since childhood, we have always had fun handling infinite trolleys using a remote control. It is a gratifying experience that even today we keep remembering those memories with lots of love thus these memories need to be kept in the best way possible. Images and videos taken from a height have proven to be the best but instead of climbing a height to take photographs, a simple drone can do the job. Drones, which are small helicopter-shaped device can be controlled by a remote control while we capture moments that will delight us with fascinating aerial shots. However, many are discouraged from buying drones because of its price but not anymore. The JJRC H98 RC 80 Meters Flight Drone is currently available on Gearbest for only $25.09.

JJRC H98 RC introduction

Design & Appearance

The JJRC H98 RC 80 Meters Flight Drone presents a classic style which is consistent with other devices of its category. This drone is available in two colors which are light green and blue, both combine with the black colour to delight us with a fascinating contrast. In the upper part we can see the word Drone written in large letters while near the propellers we have the word “warning” telling us that we must keep a safe distance from the drone when its rotors are turning both for our safety and for the Drone.

JJRC H98 RC design

Features & Performance

The JJRC H98 RC 80 Meters Flight Drone comes with 6 axles that give it greater stability when it comes to flying which makes it achieve an excellent resistance against the wind and therefore it is much easier to handle. With the acquisition of this Drone, we will have a 0.3 megapixel camera that is included in the package, this can be installed in it to enjoy 3D flights, take photos and record videos at ease. In the case that we decide to fly at night we can turn on the LED lights that are located beneath the drone and they will not only serve to give us an idea of where it is, they are also a safety element so that other people do not hit it, allowing it to be more visible.

JJRC H98 RC characteristics

Remote control

The JJRC H98 RC 80 Meters Flight Drone has a remote control which is simple to use and we can manage our Drone at ease by accessing functions such as the automatic return button, which will tell our Drone to return immediately to the control signal. The remote is incredibly useful in case we lose sight of the drone. On the other hand, we can activate the headless mode which ensures that no matter how many turns we give, the front will never move from the same direction in which it took off. With this, it is easier for us to handle it.

JJRC H98 RC remote control

Price & Availability

The JJRC H98 RC 80 Meters Flight Drone is currently available on Gearbest For $30.86. Depending on your location and preferred shipping options, this product may be brought to you for FREE.


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