Grab The GBlife BEWELL ZS-100BG Mens Wooden Watch For £9.99 (Coupon)

When you need a watch that makes you stand out, a watch that is not worn by many on a daily basis, a watch that gives you some sort of style and attitude, then you definitely need to consider the GBlife BEWELL ZS-100BG Mens Wooden Watch. This is a simple convention watch which is totally crafted from top-quality wood. It blends in perfectly with any clothing regardless of colour. An interesting aspect of this watch is that it is designed such that it blends perfectly with the skin whether black or white.

The GBlife BEWELL ZS-100BG Mens Wooden Watch is designed with a combination of Metal and wood case and its big dial makes it very unique and delicate. It sets with luminous hands thus you can see the time in the dark. Interestingly, it can be adjusted to fit any wrist, the band is designed longer than you need and all you need to do is to resize it as you want.

This unique wristwatch comes with a watch box which allows you to keep it clean and dry in the box.  Although this watch is designated as “water resistant”, this is only active in the first 30m and because a huge chunk of the watch appearance is made from wood, it is gennerally advised that you shouldnt get wet or soak in the water with the watch.  This solid and durable watch has a battery life up to 36 hours 

How to remove watch

  • Adjust needle aim at the side hole
  • Stand the watch
  • Use a little hammer to knock the needle
  • Take off the watch link needle
  • Take off links
  • Press out  the band back

Where To Buy The GBlife BEWELL ZS-100BG Mens Wooden Watch

If you are interested in the GBlife BEWELL ZS-100BG Mens Wooden Watch, it is currently available on AMAZON and you can purchase it from the link below for only £9.99 if you use the coupon code

Coupon Code: UKKF7APX



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