Grab The Dibea T6/C17 Wireless Vacuum Cleaner For just $79.99 (Coupon Inside)

with 2 Rotary Cleaning Head 1 Rolling Brush

The Dibea T6/C17 is a solid performer and comes at a very economical price. The device has recently won the  Best Buy Award due to its solid performance on the hard surface test. The Dibea T6/C17 is worth considering if you are looking for a Wireless Vacuum Cleaner in a budget.

Dibea T6/C17

The built quality of Dibea T6/C17 is fantastic. It comes with extremely lightweight design-body and provides a firm and tight hold while using. While holding the vacuum cleaner, it doesn’t feel like it can break that easy. Also, it clips easily to the docking station for charging. The device also comes with spots to place the crevice tool and the brush tool on it which keeps it all handy in one place. It will make life easier as we don’t have to fumble or search for parts.

Dibea T6/C17

The  Dibea T6/C17 is very easy to set up. Just straight take it out of the box and simply click all the parts together, no tools are required at all. It also comes with two suction modes to start cleaning with, lower and more powerful mode depending upon the area of cleaning. The lower mode drains less battery and is used for easier kind of cleaning.
Dibea T6/C17

The device offers 2 in 1 handheld mode that makes cleaning a more manageable task and also helpful while reaching corners next to walls. The pivoting head makes maneuverability around table legs and under furniture like couches smoother.

Dibea T6/C17

The Dibea T6/C17  comes with a bin capacity at 0.35 liters/350 ml (0.08 Imperial Gallons) which is enough for an average apartment. Cleaning the bin is also an easy task, and just need a press of a button to empty the whole bin.
Dibea T6/C17

Talking about the battery. With different modes, the device provides different uptime for cleaning the home. In the normal mode, vacuum cleaner runs for  40 minutes and the max for 20 minutes.

Where to buy The Dibea T6/C17 Wireless Vacuum Cleaner?

The Dibea T6/C17 Wireless Vacuum Cleaner is currently available on Gearbest for $79.99 with coupon code DBT6JZ.


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