{Best Deal} Grab the Alfawise X7 Folding Electric Scooter for $389.99

We have seen a lot of electric balance scooter with amazing qualities and sizes. However, if you have tried them all and the speed/performance is just not what you need, then dip your hands in your pocket for the Alfawise X7 Folding Electric Scooter and you will definitely love it. It has a simple and ergonomic design with a maximum speed is 25Km/h and it comes with a 700W motor. With its integrated LED display, you can easily see the mileage and other information as you go.

Design & Appearance

The Alfawise X7 Folding Electric Scooter has a premium black design with one wheel for the new future of balance scooter with anti-skid tires.  It has a classic noble black cover body and the entire device is laced with a dynamic and expensive texture. We further have an ergonomic standing area which is molded from an alloy with high pressure casting to better fit the foot shape which makes it very comfortable to ride. The Alfawise X7 Folding Electric Scooter is designed in consideration of users demand. it fabricated from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy giving it a very fine and classic finish. It has a dimension of 106.00 x 42.00 x 116.00 cm and weighs just 12kg which can easily be carried by one hand. It’s very light but has a tough body. This scooter has good thermal conductivity and anti-corrosion which help it resist rusting. If the scooter is folded it has a much smaller dimension which makes it less bulky.

Hardware & Performance

The Alfawise X7 Folding Electric Scooter has a maximum speed of 25km/h, features one 700W motor and a 5.2Ah lithium-ion battery (included in the product) for a 20km mileage after 3-4 hours of charging. The single wheel is 18-inch wide and it permits 20-degree climbing which most scooters does not permit. This wheel is a strong grip vacuum tire which is designed for different grounds and topography. The Alfawise X7 Folding Electric Scooter comes with a double hall backup motor and a customized alarm speed value which means that you can effectively control the maximum speed and you will get an alert as soon as you exceed your set speed limit. When driving at 20Km/h, the braking distance does not exceed 4m which is quite safe. Furthermore, this product comes with a double LED headlights to provide illumination at night as well as a brake taillight for safer night riding. All these features ensure the absolute safety of riding this device whether at night or in the day. The scooter supports a maximum load of 120kg  and it is suitable for adult and teenagers to ride on a road, grassland, slope, etc.

Price & Availability

The Alfawise X7 Folding Electric Scooter is currently available on Gearbest for $389.99



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