Grab The Alfawise S2 Smart Watch For Just $24.59

Are you looking for an affordable smartwatch consisting of  Heart rate monitor, Blood Oxygen Monitor,Pedometer All in one priced very reasonable? So, we are with a very good deal for you guys. Alfawise S2 Smart Watch comes with all such options priced very reasonable under 25$. Alfawise is known for having great build quality at cheaper price.

Design & Appearance

The Alfawise S2 Smart Watch has dimensions of 36.00 x 3.96 x 1.17 cm.Dimensions of the smartwatch are quite accurate for a comfortable wear. It has a weight of around 0.0360 kg i.e quite light.Talking, about the Alfawise S2 design it has a quite elegant design which looks very attractive while wearing. The dial of the smartwatch is round and made of metal which has a very good build quality.Talking, about the strap of the Alfawise S2 it has a leather strap.

Alfawise S2 Smartwatch


Protection & Battery Life

Alfawise S2 comes with a  Corning Gorilla Glass Screen protection on the screen which makes the smartwatch screen protected.The smart wash comes with IP67 rating i.e its waterproof so that its security and integrity is guaranteed even under water. The Alphawise S2 has a 120 mAh battery that requires 2 hours to Charge and gives a standby for 30 days. It has a Dialog 14585 Chip that features low consumption detailed with high performance, flexible and quick charging.

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Features & Connectivity

The Alphawise S2 has various features i.e it satisfies all person needs. Alfawise S2 Smart Watch is a device that makes you live in healthier and more intelligent lifestyle. It helps to manage your sports situation that you can know your body condition better. It tracks steps and shows you how you’re stacking up against your daily goals. Besides, you can share your data on Facebook and Twitter, which may encourage you and your friends to do exercise and raise interest in sports.For Data Synchronism you need to download APP named JYou to save and sync the data to achieve your healthy goal. Some more Features include Lift or turn over your hands, light up the screen.It also Support firmware upgrade that is also one great option

Alfawise S2 Smartwatch

Selling Points

  1. Great design and IP67 certificate
  2. Corning Gorilla Glass Protection
  3. Heart rate & Blood Oxygen Monitor


The Alphawise S2 smartwatch has a professional design will give you all the security you need, and its intelligent features are the most accurate you can get in these products.

Price & Availability

At this time the Alfawise S2 smartwatch is available at Gearbest at the cost of $24.59.


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  1. Is it possible to change the strap? How is it connected? Spring bar?
    Love it, but would prefer steel strap. So if it could be possible I would take it.

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