Grab The 3 In 1, Xiaomi 24 Inch Suitcase,Towel And Neck Pillow For Just $110.99(Coupon)

The  Xiaomi 24 Inch Suitcase fashion suitcase is crafted from high-quality PC and polyester material with molded corner reinforcement for maximum impact resistance, hard and durable. It features large room, zipper closure, honeycomb design, and four wheels, to provide you a convenient trip. Its 3 in 1 as it also comes with a soft cotton towel, and a neck pillow which is perfect for your travel. It comes in various color, Gray, white, blue and black.

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The  Xiaomi 24 Inch Suitcase is fabricated from the best material you can think of. This suitcase is made of Germany Bayer Makrolon PC material, which gives greater resistance to shock and falls. On the surfaceit sports honeycomb pattern design which makes it scratch resistant. The handle has 4 levels of elevation that perfectly fit our needs regardless of whether we are tall or short stature.

It has dimensions of 61.00 x 42.00 x 25.00 cm and a weight of 3,500 kg.  In other words, the 24-inch suitcase has a capacity of 64L, it should be noted that this suitcase comes in 2 versions, 20 inches with a capacity of 36L and 24 inches as we have just mentioned, the latter presents a great addition compared to its sister other than the size it also comes with a dust cover, preventing particles of it to adhere to the surface.

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The Xiaomi  24 Inch Suitcase comes in 4 colors, black, white, blue and gray so we have multiple colors to choose from. Talking about its wheel, It comes with a set of 4 wheels that are located one in each corner, they are manufactured using TPE materials, a highly efficient material that allows us to move through any terrain, being resistant to wear and therefore will be much more durable Finally, these wheels are silent, this is due to the careful symmetrical design they present.

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To make the journey sweet, Xiaomi added a soft cotton towel and a neck pillow. With this addition, you can go miles without feeling tired. You would sleep comfortably with your neck pillow without feeling any pain in your neck.

Where To Buy The Xiaomi 24 Inch Suitcase, Towel And Neck Pillow

The Xiaomi 24 Inch Suitcase, Towel, And Neck Pillow is currently available on Gearbest for $127.34 but with the Coupon Code: MKECHONPS it can be purchased for $110.99. Depending on your preferred shipping option and destination, this product might be delivered to you for free.



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