Grab The Original Xiaomi Mi 4 Ports USB Charger For $14.87(Coupon)

Do you always struggle to find sufficient charging points in a hotel, hostel, homestay or a place you stay while travelling? Not anymore! Original Xiaomi Mi 4 Ports USB Charger is here to make life a lot easier for you. It Features with 2A Quick Charge technology which means that this charger needs less time for charging than before. The Original Xiaomi Mi USB Charger 4 Ports also comes with Over-voltage Protection, Input and Output Over-current Protection, Anti-Ripple, Short Circuit Protection, Over-temperature Protection, Anti Electromagnetic Protection and ESD Protection, which ensures that it totally safe and harmless to your device and your battery. Its small in size 65 x 61.8 x 28mm and makes it perfect for outdoor activity. It is available on Gearbest for $19.68 But with the special Coupon Code: 10$-3GBJun It can be purchased for just $14.87

The  Original Xiaomi Mi USB Charger 4 Ports comes with a very simple design and also simple to use. Its all in one design makes it more space-saving and well-organised while charging, you don’t have to worry about cable chaos. This 4 ports in a single location allow full speed charge of 4 different devices simultaneously.It also sports wide input voltage range of AC 100- 240V (50/60Hz) for worldwide use. So anywhere you are, you can actually purchase this device as it would be compactable with your voltage supply.


  • All OK.
  • 4 ports in 1 charger
  • Very good workmanship.
  • It keeps parameters.
  • For the price, it is really worth buying.


  • Non

Main Features:

  •  4 ports in a single location for the ultimate convenience, which allows a full speed charging or powering for 4 devices at the same time.
  •  2A fast charge ensures charging less time than before.
  •  Wide input voltage range of AC 100-240V (50/60Hz) for use worldwide.
  •  With multi protection functions to keep your devices safe.
  •  All-in-one design makes it more space-saving and well-organized while charging, no more worry about cable chaos.

Coupon Code: 10$-3GBJun



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