Grab the Acer Predator G6 Gaming Computer Tower(Gaming Beast) For $1059.99

For over years now, Acer has been so consistent is the production of gaming beasts, which has always been a pacesetter for other manufacturers to meet. The Acer Predator G6 Gaming Computer Tower is a beast inside and out, offering a striking yet practical design and blazing-fast gaming performance. It is equipped with a feature-rich and high-end motherboard, featuring powerful Graphics and CPU processor, offering gamers a truly seamless gaming experience. It sports a radiator which helps to keep your CPU running cooler. It has a Large side panel window to show off your hardware. Cable routing cutouts and tie downs to make the inside look uncluttered. All of this can give gamers a full suite for gaming dominance. 

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Acer Predator G6 Gaming Computer Tower: A Gaming Beast With full gaming dominance

Design & Appearance

The Acer Predator G6 Gaming Computer Tower is an unstoppable war machine that will help you on the battlefield. Its striking exterior is modeled after tank treads and plated armor designs and as you push the power button the red flaming light glows, bringing the Predator to life. Push the big turbo button, the Growl Lights come to life, powering up the beast and providing an aggressive red accent on both sides of the case. The exterior of this device one giant plastic shell. The tread-like pieces cover the top and front and even go along the bottom of the exterior. It has a dimension of 46.20 x 21.00 x 55.30 cm and weighs 18.3500 kg.

Hardware & Performance

Immerse yourself in the world of killer gaming and dominate your opponents with skill, speed, and unprecedented performance. Take victory easily with the unrivaled gaming performance on your Predator desktop with the devastatingly powerful 6th gen Intel Core i7 processor and Windows 10. Intel Inside. Total domination outside. The G6 enables you to overclock the CPU with only one finger. The  Acer Predator G6 Gaming Computer Tower sports an NVIDIA’s new GeForce GTX1080 Graphics with 8GB of GDDR5X Video Memory, the most advanced gaming graphics card ever created. Discover unprecedented performance, power efficiency, and gaming experiences — driven by the new NVIDIA Pascal architecture. This ultimate gaming platform is VR ready, just plug in a VR headset and step into a new world. The Predator G6 lets you crush your enemies with the latest 802.11ac wireless technology which strengthens your wireless connection making it up to six times faster than its predecessor.

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Crush 4K gaming and prepare for virtual reality with the cutting-edge of ultimate gaming hardware. UHD (4K2K) resolution presents the most stunning, high-quality images ever. While in a battle, any lack of concentration will lead to failure. It’s highly important to have a total view of the battlefield. The clang of swords and the roar of explosions become even more authentic with the Predator G6’s Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi MB5 with EAX 5.0. Realistic surround sound, the ability to clearly hear specific sounds in a gaming environment are just a few elements of SoundBlaster that enhance the overall experience, be movies, games or music. A cool audio control interface lets you customize the audio settings to your liking.After the fight, relax and pop your favorite movie into the DVD drive. The HDMI port lets you enjoy a home theater experience on your giant big screen with superior audio and visuals for yet more avenues to exciting high-definition entertainment with a single cable connection.

Cooling system & Other Features

Gaming is hot, so stay cool with Acer’s IceTunnel thermal system. Multiple air intake zones on the front and left sides of the machine create a powerful airflow that pushes out hot internal air with great efficiency. The Easy-swap expansion bay lets users move or switch their data quickly and easily and also provides expandability of up to two drives – room for your entire game collection. A hard disk lock allows you to lock your important data for security. This PC screams usability with essential ports right in front so you can transfer data, videos, and photos from your digital devices fast. When you’re not commanding your team or intimidating enemies, hang your headset on the convenient pop-out cradle.

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