Grab the 12-Inch Parallel LCD Writing Tablet For Smart Kids & Adults For $19.99

LightInTheBox is offering this nice and big 12 inches writing tablet with an LCD display for just $19.99. The tablet is suitable for your kids and even for adults. Smart kids are introduced to electronic gadgets right from their early age and it helps their learning process. Prepare that great kid for a fast-moving electronic world with the Parallel LCD writing tablet. This device is not only for kids, it can also be used in offices, by students as writing pad and in other places. It can also be used to make nice sketches if you are an artist or has a flair for the arts.parallel tablet

Get the 12-inch Parallel LCD writing tablet on LightInTheBox for $19.99

The Parallel LCD writing tablet on offer comes as a 12-inch tablet with an LCD display that doesn’t do any damage to the eyes. It helps parents eliminate the heck of ink staining the floor and pieces of paper littering all over the room. The  12-inch LCD tablet is pressure sensitive thus it produces lines of different thickness depending on the pressure applied by the users.

This amazing device can be used by all kids irrespective of age or gender. Either they are scribbling graffitis, or drawing or writing, it works just fine. As stated earlier, adults can use it too. You can get the Parallel LCD writing tablet on LightInTheBox for $19.99. Buy now using the button below!

Get the 12-inch Parallel LCD writing tablet on LightInTheBox for $19.99


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