Google to Invest $178 Million to Fuel Regional operations!

After recently commencing construction of a $600 million data center in Alabama, United States, Google has now announced plans on investing $178 million to improve their existing data centers in Ireland. The improved Ireland datacenter in Dublin will help Google to power and expand their existing operations across Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

You might be wondering what exactly is being processed via these data centers. Google is a search engine and it has to process various types of data mostly URLs. LinkOkay backlink monitor can help you keep track of these with ease by the way, if you are into SEO. Google is working with trillions of these URLs daily… it takes power and resources.

Investing in existing data centers and constructing new data centers are not something new for Google as reports from the company itself has revealed that since 2006 Google has directly invested $10.5 billion in building and upgrading data center operations.

Data centers are an important part of Google’s revenue as data from 2016 revealed that Google data centers generated about $1.3 billion worth of economic activity for the company. Google datacenters provide jobs to more than 11,000 people which include 1900 jobs positions that are permanent and 1100 jobs involving maintenance tasks.

Google is also very much interested in generating power for their data center operations using sustainable renewable energy sources. The company has additionally invested $2.1 billion on projects related to generate renewable energy which can then be used to power the data centers owned by Google. They also reached a new milestone recently when it comes to renewable energy as now Google purchases a Kilowatt hour worth of renewable energy for every Kilowatt hour worth of electricity that is consumed.

Talking about the Dublin datacenter, Ireland is already a popular place for datacenters mainly because of the cool climate that saves companies a huge amount of money as they do not have to deploy artificial methods to cool their servers down. Also, the Dublin Google data center will become the most sustainable one in the world once the upgrade is done.

The expansion project of the Dublin datacenter are spread into phases and the company predicts to get done with the Phase 1 of the project by the end of 2018.

Google already employs about 7000 people in Ireland and with the expansion project done, the company is expected to hire about 40 more staffs to manage the data  center operations.

Google operations in Ireland have been active since 2003 and the company has invested over $1.2 billion in the country so far. In comparison, the total investment by Google on all of its data centers is above $10 billion.

Apart from the operations in Dublin, Google also has three more data centers set up in various parts of Europe including Belgium, Finland, and the Netherlands.


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