Google Photos – the only photo backup you’ll ever need. And it’s free!

After quite few attempts at photo-related services, Google has finally nailed it with its simply-named Google Photos app. Designed to be a centralized photo service that serves all your photo backup needs, the app simply saves every photo on your smartphone to the cloud and creates a searchable database for ease of use.

In the free tier, Google lets you backup unlimited photos in high-resolution (up to 16MP) and these photos are then available to you on any device! If you are a serious photographer that needs every pixel of resolution from your DSLR, Google offers paid storage too. However, for the regular user, this app offers a simple, low-key way of saving all photos at no cost.

Google Photos App 1

The real advantage to using Photos for photo backup is Google’s expertise in search and image recognition. There is no manual effort in tagging each photo that you capture – just let the app backup every photo you take (over Wi-Fi only please), and you can start searching by someone’s name, places, landmarks or even names of objects! That’s some serious stuff! Since all your photos are saved to the cloud, you can access them on your PC or another phone as well.

Google Photos App 2

Over the past few months, Google has added some new features such as Shared Albums – to share a selection of photos from that trip with your friends and family, auto-created albums and auto-enhanced images, Chromecast support – to cast your photos and videos from your smartphone or PC to your big screen TVs and Labels – for when you actually want to tag some photos in a certain way.

Google Photos Logo

All put together, Google Photos is the best photo backup solution on the market today because of it’s simple, no-hassles approach, it’s extensive search capabilities and because it’s free for regular users like you and me!

Here are links to the web portal and the app…


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