Google officially launches ARCore SDK out of preview and Lens search

ARCore SDK is out of preview, now any developer can publish AR apps

Google officially launches ARCore SDK out of preview

Google ARCore is the result of the Augmented Reality developments Google refined through Project Tango, which required special hardware. The company took what they learned from that experiment, and repackaged it into what is now known as ARCore. Instead of requiring special sensors and cameras, It can use a plethora of devices using standard sensors found in smartphones today.

Google’s ARCore SDK is out of preview, now any developer can publish AR apps to the Play Store

Google ARCode SDK has now finally reached version 1.0. It’s thus out of preview and allows any developer to create AR-infused apps and put them in the Play Store for Android.

ARCore 1.0 has improved environmental understanding, letting users place virtual assets on textured surfaces like posters, furniture, toy boxes, books, cans, and many more.

The new feature was released as a preview, it was limited to devices including the Google Pixel, Pixel Xl, Pixel 2,  Pixel 2 XL, Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ and others. Some developers worked to port it to many more devices Likes of  LG, Motorola, ASUS, Nokia, ZTE, Sony, and Vivo to have ARCore enabled this year.

ARCore will even be supported in China, on devices from Huawei, Xiaomi, and Samsung, which will distribute AR apps through their app stores for the country.

Google Lens

Google Lens may still be in a preview, but its plans to expand its availability for both Google Assistant and Google Photos “in the coming weeks.” The feature uses computer vision to quickly recognize objects, businesses, and other things around you.

Google Photos for Android and iOS will get Lens built-in so that when you take a picture, you get more information about what’s in your photo. The feature will be limited to English-language users; Android users will need the latest version of the app, while Apple users will also need iOS 9 and newer.

ARCore is all about letting Android developers build augmented reality experiences and Lens is a Google service powered by AI and computer vision they both make your smartphone camera smarter.



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