Gocomma UV Sterilization Fast Charging Wireless Charger offered for $27.99

What is covered with more bacteria than the toilet? Well, the phone! Of course, this is not a coincidence, as you are in your hands anytime, even on the street, where you know who the diseases are on your hands and then on the phone. So with Gocomma UV Sterilization Fast Charging Wireless Charger, disinfecting is not a bad idea of  subject in this tutorial with UV light, and if needed, the phone will be scented and charged (if it has wireless charging). As an extra, you can disinfect not only your phone but anything else that fits inside it.

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It is a blue box that fits the phones we use today (full size 23.00 x 13.00 x 4.00 cm). With 2.5W UV radiation, it kills disease-causing germs everywhere on the phone.It can also be filled with essential oil, and in this case it scents the things in it. In addition, other things can be disinfected.

Gocomma UV Sterilization Fast Charging Wireless Charger supports wireless fast charging, charging speed 50% faster than regular devices. and it also has automatic power off function, protect (The auto power off function optimizes) your phone’s battery more messy cables and different port from on charger to another.



Adopts the professional UV sterilization technology and with international CE certified, it has been also tested by the authoritative microbiological testing center and has received a professional report. Wide application for not only your smartphone but also anything that fits inside, including pacifiers, smart watches, headphones, keys, etc.

How ever, Exclusive aromatherapy features, in addition to disinfection, you can also add essential oils into the device to improve your life quality with your favorite aroma. not only that it also has an Intelligent safe disinfection, that helps avoid UV damage to the eye, once the lid opens, UV sterilization stops automatically.

Where to buy The Gocomma UV Sterilization Fast Charging Wireless Charger

The Gocomma UV Sterilization Fast Charging Wireless Charger is available for just $27.99



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