GMK M1 vape pod system review : Best E-cigarette to quit the urge of smoking

GMK M1 is healthy vape which doesn't harm your body

In this world, every 5th person smoke which is really not good for health and we can’t stop them easily so why don’t we give them a better option to quit smoking and something good which doesn’t affect to their health. Then here we introduce the GMK M1 vape pod system to you.

GMK M1 is a new generation vape that is healthy and also not harmful to your health. It’s not easy to believe in E-cigarette, as it is quite expensive might harmful to your health but, GMK M1 is different, it will help the smokers to quit smoking without any cause to health. It will give a better lifestyle to smokers and the smoke is also not harmful to the nearby standing peoples.


As it’s a vape pod system then you can expect simple and stylish packaging. From the outside, it shows the product name and picture with grey and shiny shade which gives the look and eagerly unboxing feeling. What’s more, through the particular data on the back of the case, we can likewise expect this present item’s fundamental function furnished with three cigarettes with just 2% nicotine substance.

On the back of the box, there is point by point information of the product like item shading, unit adornments, and related creation data, obviously, just as our normal insurances and hostile to forging names.

vape pod


Box contents

There is a single rod and three flavor cartridges which are separately wrapped, the cartridges are likewise ensured by capsules silicone sleeves to maintain a strategic distance from harm because of changes in gaseous tension during transportation. The three flavors are energy drink taste, mung bean smoothie taste, and cool mint flavor. furthermore, the charging interface of the GMK M1 is USB-C, so a charging chord is additionally given. and user guide for beginners.

vape box content

Design and looks

The tobacco rod is available in a variety of colors which looks good and furthermore, gives a feeling of holding a cigarette. This E-cigarette is made up of aerospace aluminum which is lighter and easily holdable.


As a moderately good electronic cigarette, this cigarette rod will be incited by vibration and LED blazing twice subsequent to being associated with the cartridge. The length of the tobacco rod itself is 8.8 cm, and after the cartridge is about 12 cm or something like that, among the comparable items, it is a moderately thin style, and along these lines, the electronic cigarette will be progressively agreeable and light in the hand. The tobacco rod is put on the upper third of the bar, and there are two little openings for the admission air, which are moderately hidden.

The beautification on the tobacco bar has only one GMK logo, notwithstanding a white LED light, which can be utilized to show the condition of charge. What’s more, with 15 back to back utilizations in a short time, the tobacco rod itself will vibrate twice to caution, which is truly reasonable for the individuals who need to stop smoking.

GMK’s cartridge limit is 2 ml, which is moderately enormous, identical to 60 customary items, that is, the limit of 600 puffs, which is generally huge in a similar sort of item. Additionally, as a result of the straightforward structure, the cartridge is transparent which makes easier to see whether it’s full or empty so that we can replace or refill the cartridge.

vape with pod

Taste and using guide

Slip the pod in both directions and inhale to start, the mouthpiece fits lips very comfortably.

In typical use, GMK M1 inward breath is extremely smooth, it is easy to make so much smoke in one stroke, obviously, on the off chance that you keep on breathing in for 8 seconds, you will get a vibration cautioning, in addition to the recurrence of utilization, so when it is truly utilized, If you need to stop smoking, the control ought to be more grounded. Then again, the e-cigarette feels great, and it is difficult to leave fingerprints, so it will be easy to use.

The taste is good as compared to other E-cigarettes and my favorite flavors are mint, lemon, mung bean, which contains only 2% nicotine, this might help smokers to quit cigarette and if heavy smokers just switched to E-cigarette then they should choose mango flavor which contains 5% nicotine.

Battery life

It tends to be discovered that the GMK M1 gives a “Type-C” interface and has a huge limit battery of 420 mAh, which can be utilized for 400 to 500 puffs at full power and can be conveyed uniquely by charging for 40 minutes.

vape charging slot


My review

Here I got for review is the GMK Starter Kit in coffee gold and paired with the mint pod carrying 2% nicotine, other flavors are lemon, mung bean, energy pod with no more than 20mg nicotine per ml. They also have tobacco and mango flavors with 5% nicotine. The GMK pods are using Enhanced Septuple Leak-proof Design, and I must say job well done, no leakage found during the review.

This battery pole likewise has over-assurance, over-charge security, cut off and high-temperature insurance. It tends to be utilized securely.

This means it is safer and easy to use than other E-cigarette available in the market.

The price of the starter kit is just 29.95$ and the pack of pods costs 14.90$ but  if you order above 49.90$ then you will get free shipping.

Remember guys, the starter kit comes with just one mint flavor while the other 5 flavor pod are in separate packs.

As offers that if you Add a unit of the starter kit and a pack of 3 pods to cart, the 3 pods will be automatically set as free at checkout. Then if you join the referral program and refer a friend, both of you can your friends can get 20% off! More info can be found at their social media:


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