Gizcam RedFox: The High Stabilizing Gimbal Stick for $299 at Amazon

Many among you, who are photography and video enthusiasts may have experienced some exasperating issues while capturing any precious moment. The most frequent issue are the shaky pictures or videos taken due to a slight movement of your hand while capturing them. To unravel this problem, Gizcam has contrived a specialized stabilization device. Probably, it would be better to describe it as dedicated anti-shaking stick and is termed as Gizcam RedFox.


Apart from the stabilization aspect, it also works as a selfie stick – enabling you to capture anything without even touching your phone. The glorious metallic aluminium crafted device works with 3 different modes which are locking mode, heading follow mode and pitching mode, respectively. Moreover, it also supports 320 degrees heading axis controlled rotation, 90 degrees roll axis controlled rotation, 320 degrees pitch axis controlled rotation. Control accuracy of motor is about 0.02 degrees, which has a strong anti-interference ability (wind, severe vibration) and adapts a variety of complex shooting conditions.

Gizcam RedFox mode
Gizcam RedFox mode
Gizcam RedFox mode

The stabilization of Gizcam RedFox stick is achieved through a complex mechanism of advance servo control technology. The non-removable LG battery of a capacity of 3000 mAh is integrated inside the stick and is able to power the device for at least 10 hours. Moreover, it also allows the user to charge phone when attached to the gimbal. Thus, it also acts like a power bank. So, the two features (stabilizer, power bank) discussed in this paragraph serves as the selling point of Gizcam Redfox.

Gizcam RedFox anti shake

In addition, Gizcam RedFox is durable, lightweight, has a non-slip handle and improved security to the device (e.g a silicone lens cap to protect the lens of the camera). The manufacturer says that it supports Bluetooth module and a Free Official iOS App (no Android) is also provided to control the device through smartphone.

Gizcam RedFox app

Gizcam RedFox stick is currently available in two models, each supporting separate device – camera and phone. The only difference between the two model is the weight. The model which is compatible with cameras weighs only 338 grams while the other designed for phones weighs 430 grams. Both models have a same price tag at Amazon which is $299.99 T96KF3BW 19.99€ 9.99 10€ 300 4/29/2016
9:00 PM
11:59 PM


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