GFXBench Leaks Xiaomi Mi 5c Complete Configuration – New Surprises!

Finally, after some anticipation, we have the complete configuration of Xiaomi’s upcoming budget-friendly version of Mi 5 family, ‘Xiaomi Mi 5c’. Apart from the already known Xiaomi Pinecone integration as the heart of Mi 5c flagship, there are also other surprises uncovered in the leaked GFXBench database. Let’s find what those surprises are:

Xiaomi Mi 5c Hardware Exposure – A Perfect Mid-End Configuration!

As everyone knows that ‘c’ series is the mid-tier flagship of Mi family, that’s why you won’t find the upcoming Snapdragon 835 nor Snapdragon 821 powering it. Instead, Xiaomi’s own SoC named ‘Pinecone’ will feature Mi 5c as suggested from the previous leaks.

Today, the complete configuration of Xiaomi Mi 5c titled as “Xiaomi Mi 5c Meri” was exposed when a GFXBench sheet was leaked on the internet. The database clearly states a 5.5-inch, Full-HD screen integrated inside the flagship. We are not sure whether the display is OLED or IPS. Plus, we have the CPU based on Cortex A53, with a low core frequency of 1.4GHz and a high core frequency of 2.1GHz, and Mali-T860 as GPU. As expected from the rumors, it would be Xiaomi Pinecone. As far as performance is concerned, this SoC will be slightly stronger than Snapdragon 625.

Xiaomi Mi 5c specs leaked

Moreover, we would see three gigs of RAM, 64GB storage (SD card not confirmed), 12 MP rear and 8MP front camera. The best part is that Xiaomi Mi 5c will run on Android 7.1.1.

The sheet states that Mi 5c will support single SIM, so maybe we have a slight chance of getting a Micro-SD slot or a hybrid SIM slot. Let’s see if this configuration is true or not. We just have to wait till the release of Xiaomi Mi 5c. What do you expect from Mi 5c? Let us know in the comment box!




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