Get Xiaomi LTK Electric Heating Radiator Sale on Gearbest For $549.75

With the arrival of winter and the cold season, our homes have to be well equipped to face the cold, and what better than a good radiator to heat our home. That’s what Xiaomi, in collaboration with Cixi Zhongbang Electric Appliance, brings us today: the Xiaomi LTK Electric Heating Radiator, but it is not a radiator either since this is able to connect to our smartphone to be remotely controlled.

Buy Xiaomi LTK Electric Heating Radiator From Gearbest

The Xiaomi LTK Electric Heating Radiator has a completely flat and metal housing, with the IPX4 feature, which means that it is approved for splashing water. It also has protection against leakage and overheating, as it does not produce any harmful radiation or light and acoustic contamination, that is, it does not emit any type of sound or radiate light.

In terms of design, it does not have much more to emphasize, it is simple and ergonomic, with a color and a shape that adapts to practically any space. Its measurements range from 120 cm in length, 40 cm in height and barely 12 cm of thickness, which would be equal to 47.24 x 4.72 x 15.75 inches, and weigh 20.6 kg.

In the lower and upper part, we have the slits through which the air will enter and exit respectively. To the front, as mentioned before, it is completely smooth, the logo of the LTK brand being barely visible in the upper left corner, together with the indicator lights of the radiator statuses on the side of it. It can be placed both on the floor, thanks to the included support, and on the wall, just like an air conditioner. If it is going to be placed on the floor, it must be borne in mind that, as can be seen in the images, it does not have rounded corners, so you have to be careful with the smallest of the house.

The Xiaomi LTK Electric Heating Radiator distributes the heat in such a way that the hot air is expelled by the upper part of it, causing the cold air to move towards the interior of the radiator, in a process called convection by means of vertical ducts; in this way it improves the distribution of heat throughout the room. It is capable of raising the temperature of a room of up to 30 square meters thanks to its power of 2200W.

And now we turn to the main feature of the Xiaomi LTK Electric Heating Radiator. By means of the application, we can control many aspects and functions of this intelligent radiator, such as adjusting the desired temperature accurately and maintaining it constantly at all times, as well as turning it off and on. We also have several specific modes to set the temperature, four exactly: antifreeze, energy saving, high and low temperature.

The Xiaomi LTK Electric Heating Radiator can operate at a minimum even when there is no one at home, and increase the power soon after the owner returns. This allows you to save electricity and, at the same time, constantly maintain a comfortable temperature in the room.

Currently, the Xiaomi LTK Electric Heating Radiator is priced at $549.75 or €482.98 depending on the current change. If you want to spend a warm winter season in your home this is your best option. We can get this device in online stores like Gearbest for the price mentioned above, so quick access your page through this direct link to place your order before they run out:

Buy Xiaomi LTK Electric Heating Radiator From Gearbest

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